Adult Learner Courses


Kensington and Chelsea College has a successful history of providing Further Education courses for adults. We offer a wide range of full-time and part-time courses right in the heart of London.

There are often many reasons for returning to study later in life, you could simply want to pursue a new interest or hobby, or pick up where you left off at school. Whatever your reasons, we offer a wide variety of courses suitable for adult learning and be supported through your programme by our experienced and supportive staff.

Adult Learners COURSES

Adult Learners Courses

ESOL Entry 1 (Beginners) – Chelsea

  • Campus: Chelsea

This beginners’ course is for for people who speak a little English and can use the alphabet. You will practise listening, speaking reading and writing through topics related to life in the UK....

Adult Learners Courses

ESOL Level 2 (Advanced) – Chelsea

  • Campus: Chelsea

This advanced course is for for people who can communicate effectively and fluently in a wide range of everyday situations, such as taking part in a discussion and writing a formal letter. This...

Adult Learners Courses

Improve Your Pronunciation Stage 3

  • Campus: Chelsea, North Kensington

Improve Your Pronunciation Stage 3 is for Advanced level learners of English and it focuses on connected speech (especially contractions in modal verbs and conditional sentences), stress and rhythm.It assumes knowledge of the...

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