The College offers three types of courses:

  1. Direct enrolment

  2. Courses requiring an interview

  3. Courses requiring a formal application and interview

Please note that ALL learners under 19 years old MUST have an interview

Direct enrolment

For courses marked with the symbol on the right, you can enrol by post, in person or online. Usually if places are available, and once payment has been received, you will be accepted automatically.

Courses requiring an interview

Reading, Writing, Maths, ESOL and Foreign Languages courses, as well as those marked with the symbol on the right, require an interview to ensure that you are placed in the correct level.

Please come along to one of our Advice and Guidance sessions, see our session dates and times.

Courses requiring a formal application and interview

Courses marked with the symbol on the right are usually longer term, lead to a recognised qualification, require more commitment and possibly evidence of prior learning. To be accepted on one of these courses you must pass an interview with the Curriculum Leader or Course Tutor.

You cannot enrol or pay for these courses until you have attended an interview. We will contact you to arrange an interview time and date where our staff will help you enrol on the course that best suits your needs.

How To Enrol

Depending on the type of course, you can enrol or apply:

  1. Online Enrolment

  2. Online Application

  3. By Post

  4. In Person

Remember to enrol as early as possible. Since most classes are subsidised and have a maximum number of places they often fill up quickly. Course Information can advise about vacancies: 020 7573 5333.

Enrol online

Courses marked with the ‘Enrol Now’ symbol link to an online payments system

  1. Click on the symbol

  2. Confirm the course you wish to take

  3. Fill in your contact information

  4. The system confirms whether there is a place available on your course

  5. Pay with your credit or debit card on the secure server

  6. Receive confirmation

  7. Bring ID on the first day of the course

Apply online

For other courses, please fill in the online application form.

This form will email your course choices and details to us.

We will contact you regarding joining the course, which may require an interview.

By post

Download the PDF application form and complete it clearly, including the full course code.

For courses at Chelsea, post the form to:

Chelsea Centre
Hortensia Road
SW10 0QS

For courses at Kensington, post the form to:

Kensington Centre
Wornington Road
W10 5QQ

For direct enrolment courses ONLY

The fees are shown in the course details. If you are not sure which fees to pay, read the fees explanation, or call Course Information on 020 7573 5333.

Please include the following with your form:

  • A separate cheque or postal order for each course.

  • Ensure cheques have a valid cheque guarantee card number and expiry date written on the back of the cheque.

  • Please make cheques or postal orders payable to Kensington and Chelsea College

  • Do not forget to enclose a copy of proof of residency or proof of concessionary benefit (no more than 3 months old, if applicable).

Failure to follow these instructions could result in a delay in processing your form and loss of place on your course.

To enrol or apply in person

You may enrol or apply in person at any of our centres where a reception service is provided during reception opening times.

Please make sure you have all the relevant documentary evidence (if applicable) with you when you enrol as failure to prove concessionary benefit at the time of enrolment (payment) will result in a delay in processing your form and may result in you losing your place on the course. You will also be required to bring along a form of ID to enrol. (see Enrolment checklist for acceptable forms of ID)

For Reading, Writing, Maths, ESOL and Foreign Languages courses, please come along to one of our Advice and Guidance sessions.

How do I confirm my place on a course?

Your place is only confirmed when you pay your fees and are given a receipt. Some courses are very popular and fill up quickly so please ensure you enrol early if possible.


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