Course Fees

If any of these fees do not appear next to the course you are interested in you can assume it does not apply for that course.

If there is only one fee, all students (including Under 19’s) must pay this fee.

Concessionary fee

You will be eligible for free tuition fees if you are interested in a course at Level 2 or below, are unemployed, looking for work and receiving these benefits:

  • Job Seekers Allowance

  • Employment & Support Allowance -Work Related activity Group

People on the following benefits may be eligible for free tuition fees. You also need to be unemployed, looking for work, and interested in a course at Level 2 or below.

  • Council Tax Benefit

  • Housing Benefit

  • Income Support

  • Working Tax Credit (This may only apply to joint claims)

  • Pension Credit

  • Contribution based ESA (unless in the Work Related Activity Group)

You will need to provide your National Insurance Number

If you are studying for your first Full Level 2 or Level 3 qualification, you may be entitled to free tuition fees, but you will need to pay Examination and/or material fees if required. Please see the links below for full details:

Full fee

This is the fee for adult learners who qualify for funding, but do not meet the requirements to qualify for free tuition fees.

19 Plus fee

Fee for learners aged 19 or over on the start date of the course (where this fee is displayed learners may want to review the information regarding 19+ Advanced Learning Loans


Under 19

If you are under 19 and over 16 on 1st September of the academic year, and you have been resident in the UK / EU for the previous 3 years you will pay nothing for your course, with the exception of ASL courses where you will be charged the concession rate.

You will need to bring proof of age with you to enrol:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport

  • Driving Licence

Can I get a refund / transfer? (Policy for 2015-2016 Academic Year)

If you are a UK or EU student or any student on a single term course, you are entitled to a full refund if you withdraw from a course 2 weeks or more before the course starts. If you withdraw less than 2 weeks before the start we will deduct an admin charge. The College will refund your money in full if your course is closed or the time or venue is changed and you have to withdraw as a result of this. The College does not normally refund fees if you withdraw after the course has started due to a change in your personal circumstances. However, you may be entitled to a transfer to another course or a voucher valid for a year. Transfers between courses are normally limited to once per enrolment and are not accepted after the fourth week of the course.

If you are a non-UK / non-EU student studying a multi-term course then different rules apply. Full refunds will only be given if your course is closed or the time or venue is changed and you have to withdraw as a result of this. If you withdraw for any other reason, before or after the course starts you will be refunded 30% of the fee paid for each complete term which you will miss.

If at the time of enrolment you do not have the relevant documentation to receive a concessionary fee and pay a standard fee to secure your place then a full refund for the difference will be made on presentation of the documentation. If you are awaiting confirmation of a benefit as the course starts or your status changes during the course you will only be refunded the difference for outstanding terms of the course. So if the course is only one term then no refund will be made.

Please ensure that you retain your payment receipt as no refund or transfer can be made without this. To find out more details or to obtain a refund form please see the Learner Services Team in receptions, or download the policy below:

College Refunds Policy

Fees and charges Policy 2017-18

Fees and Charges Policy 17-18



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