Bursary Scheme for 16-19s

New bursary scheme for 16-19s

The scheme is made up of two parts: –

1. Guaranteed payment to a small group of the most vulnerable

  • Guaranteed bursary = £1,200 a year
  • Paid to children in care, care leavers, those on income support (Income support is paid to young people such as teenage parents, young people with severe disabilities, teenagers living away from their parents and young people whose parents have died)

2. Discretionary fund for schools and colleges to distribute

Students can apply for support up to £20.00 per week from the discretionary fund.

This money can be used to support any learner who faces genuine financial barriers to participation such as costs of transport, food or equipment. The College can decide the scale of the bursaries; to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly and link it to behaviour or attendance.

Allocation of the Discretionary fund


Eligibility extends to all learners aged 16 or over who have been accepted onto, or are already studying, a programme of learning funded by the EFA. But priority is given to:

  • the economically disadvantaged (such as those on a low income through receipt of benefits)
  • learners with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • learners who have been in care or on probation, young parents and others considered to be at risk.

Additional criteria

  • Low income i.e., parents or students receiving benefits. Students with a family/household gross income of over £18,000 p.a. are not eligible for assistance
  • Only one application per eligible learner, (except in cases of emergency or exceptional financial hardship.
  • An average attendance of 90% or above, calculated monthly, is required
  • Payments will be issued fortnightly
  • Learners must attend college for at least one month before they receive help

If the above criteria are met, funds will be distributed as follows:

1. Additional Transport Support – £10.00 every 2 weeks

  • Usually awarded to under 18s only
  • Based on the shortest route to and from college.
  • Learners who live less than 2 miles from centre will not receive travel assistance unless they can show exceptional circumstances / disability
  • TFL

    If you are: –

    • still 18 on 31 August before the start of the academic year
    • in full-time education
    • living in a London borough

    … you can apply for a 16+ Oyster photocard which also gives free travel on buses and trams and reduced rates on trains. See

2. Food

  • Food Lunch Voucher contribution for students demonstrating extreme hardship under extenuating circumstances. Voucher to be used in College canteen only.

3. Outstanding Attendance Award – To be considered if funds are available

  • Condition – attendance 85% with all coursework / assignments up to date

Emergency or Exceptional Financial Hardship

In cases of emergency or in times of financial hardship, Discretionary Support Funds can help with childcare costs (for Ofsted-registered childcare), course related equipment, materials, field trips and travel costs (for over 18s).

  • Learners will be required to attend an interview with a Learner Adviser to ascertain level of need. Learners must provide proof of current situation. Decisions are then made by a Panel
  • The maximum allocation for exceptional hardship is £200 depending on circumstances. Learners must be able to demonstrate that they have attempted to resolve their situation.

Download 16-19 College Bursary Form PDF (220 KB)

Download 16-19 procedure PDF (24 KB)

Please note all of the above may be subject to Government changes

Updated: 10th September 2014


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