Learner Support Fund

Learner Support Fund – Guidelines 2016-2017

Due to Government changes in funding streams support is not guaranteed and these Guidelines may be subject to change. Visit our website at a later date to check for any changes and up to date amendments.

This information is used to decide the level of award to be made to each eligible student. This information is not to be changed without the agreement of Learner Services Manager.

Students with a family/household gross income of over £25,000 p.a. are not eligible for assistance.

The Learner Services Manager has the authority to increase the level of award made in consideration of a student’s extenuating circumstances. Normally support from the course tutor is required, preferably in writing, prior to any additional award being made.

Your completed application form should be returned to:

Student Finance Officer,
Kensington Centre,
Wornington Road,
W10 5QQ


Appeals need to be made in writing to:

Wendy Charles-Martin (Learner Services Manager),
Kensington Centre,
Wornington Road,
W10 5QQ

…within two weeks of notification of award.

The College DLSF Panel meetings are held once each term.

Discretionary Learner Support Fund Guidelines

Advanced Learning Loan Bursary 16-17

DLSF Bursary Funds for Aged 16-18 Students

Discretionary Learner Support Fund Aged 19 and Over

Discretionary Learner Support Fund Application Form

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Please note all of the above may be subject to Government changes

Updated: 7th November 2016


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