Our Obligations

Our Obligations TO YOU

  • A caring and friendly place in which serious and committed students can study

  • A learning environment free from discrimination

  • Applications which are dealt with promptly and efficiently

  • Admission to learning programmes on a fair basis in accordance with our published admissions arrangements

  • Comprehensive introduction or induction programme

  • High quality teaching and a commitment to the promotion of learning

  • Regular reviews with your personal tutor

  • Ongoing internal assessment and a profile of your progress at regular intervals

  • Specific guidance and support from the Information, Advice and Guidance team, Additional Learning Support team, College Counsellor and Skills Centre staff

  • Expert help and impartial advice on progression to the job market, training for higher and further education and how to apply

  • Access to the Skills Centre’s books and IT resources

  • Opportunities to express your views through student representation of the Academic Board and Governing body

  • Access to formal complaints procedures

  • Information about student activities and events

Equal Opportunities

The College encourages diversity and welcomes applications from students of all ethnic groups, all ages and all beliefs.

Scope of the College’s Obligations

Kensington and Chelsea College undertakes to take all reasonable steps to provide educational services set out in the prospectus. However, Kensington and Chelsea College does not guarantee the provision of any such services as described, or any related facilities. Should industrial action or circumstances which are unforeseen or beyond the control of the College interfere with its abilities to provide such educational services or facilities, Kensington and Chelsea College undertakes to use all reasonable endeavour to minimise the resulting disruption.

All students will be expected to pay fees depending on their age, circumstances and the type of course studied. Kensington and Chelsea College’s liability to students will be limited to the refund of course fees due to course closure, and shall not cover any other liability arising connected with educational services or related facilities offered by the College. In particular (but without limitation on the foregoing) the College accepts no liability for any loss or damage to vehicles or other property whilst on the premises.


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