Support while you study

Student Services

The Student Services team is here to support you during your study and offer you free, confidential and impartial information, advice and guidance on:

  • Further Education and Higher Education courses
  • Full-time and part-time courses
  • Adult Community Learning courses
  • Financial information and guidance.

We are located on the ground floors of both Chelsea and Kensington centres. 

Opening hours
(College term-time)

Mondays & Wednesdays 8.45am-7pm  
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 8.45am-7pm

Tuesday & Thursday 8.45am-7pm
Monday, Tuesdays & Fridays 8.45am-5pm

Contact us via our online form or call 020 7573 5333 during the hours above. 

Information requested by the advisor supports your application for a place at Kensington and Chelsea College and will only be shared with the relevant college staff to enable us to support your learning. The details on your application form are held in a secure location and all students have a right to view their college records. Kensington and Chelsea complies with all current legislation including the Data Protection Act.

Kensington and Chelsea College has a detailed Equality and Diversity Policy, which is implemented to guide all staff and members of the college community. Should you require information in other languages, Braille or larger print, please contact Student Services who will arrange for the requested service to be provided.

We expect users of our college to respect our staff and the college environment. If you have any suggestions/comments on our services, please use the suggestion boxes which are situated on the ground floor of each main building. Alternatively, please speak to our Student Services Team.


Additional Learning Support (ALS)

Additional Learning Support (ALS) is highly valued at Kensington and Chelsea College, and has a significant and positive impact on student success. Around 100 learners receive learning support each year, which has enabled the College to establish a highly experienced and effective Additional Learning Support Department.

Learners with learning difficulties and disabilities, as well as those considered vulnerable (i.e. looked-after children, young carers, those with mental ill health and/or medical conditions), benefit from Additional Learning Support at Kensington & Chelsea College.

For general ALS enquiries, please email

Support for Looked After Children

Starting college can be an exciting time, but for some it can be a bit daunting as they get to grips with a new environment, a new routine and meeting new people all at once. And if you’re a looked after child or a care leaver, there may also be additional challenges to consider. We want every student to get the most out of their time whilst at the College and offer an exceptional level of support to ensure this.

How we can help

We have teams of friendly, specialist staff dedicated to supporting the needs of all students, including looked after children and care leavers.

We offer

  • Sensitive and confidential support on a range of welfare, financial and education issues
  • Guidance through all information and procedures, including applications 
  • Practical help with enrolling and settling into college life 
  • Someone to talk to who understands your individual situation and needs.
  • These are in addition to many other student services such as careers advice, travel, childcare, counselling, additional learning support and more.

What you can expect from us when you come to Kensington and Chelsea College

We have a team of experienced staff who will work with you – and where appropriate your carer/host, social worker and/or parents – to help you with your application form to the moment you leave us. Our team will work with you to identify ways they can assist you on a one-to-one basis, addressing any individual needs and concerns you may have.

Our support services are always confidential. On a need-to-know basis, certain staff will be made aware that a young person is, or has been, in care but they will not be given any further details unless they’re part of your immediate support team. This is so we can tailor the advice and guidance we offer you and allow you to maximise your opportunities whilst you’re at college.

Any information shared in this way will always be done with your knowledge. This allows us to offer you many benefits including any financial assistance you may be entitled to, as well as, for example, knowing your hobbies, interests and talents so we can help you to participate in college activities.

Kensington and Chelsea College offers financial assistance to looked after children and care leavers at school leaving age, and also if they choose to stay with us and study at university-level. Whether you’re thinking of coming to college, or you are already here, we will support you all we can.

Our contact for care leavers is Wendy Charles-Martin, Director of Learner Services, who you can contact by phone on 020 7573 5374 or email Alternatively, you can speak to the Student Engagement team who will be happy to help you. 


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