Feel Safe – Be Safe

Kensington and Chelsea College is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all our learners

We are working with the Student Council to identify the ways to further improve the way we work and ensure that every member of the college community is aware of how they can keep themselves safe and support others.

What students say about the College

Our student survey found that:

  • 91% of learners think that the College is a safe place

  • 92% of learners think that they are treated equally and fairly

  • 88% of learners feel respected by staff and students

  • 82% of learners know where to go if they have problems

These are great results but we want to improve things even more.

We have made safety improvements in response to learners’ requests.

These include:

  • Security cameras at entrances to College centres

  • Identity lanyards for staff, students and visitors

Our staff are all carefully selected

All College staff, mentors and volunteers have police checks to ensure that they are safe to work with young people and vulnerable adults.

Our staff are trained to recognise and deal with the abuse of vulnerable people

The College has policies and procedures on safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults. All members of staff, mentors and volunteers are trained to identify the signs of abuse, support the individual and take action to make sure that the abuse stops.

Safeguarding Policy Procedures

Zero tolerance of bullying or harassment

Bullying and Harassment are not acceptable and although rare, incidents are dealt with swiftly and firmly. Students and staff have worked together to produce leaflets which inform learners what to do if they are bullied or harassed.

Safe use of computers

Digital technology is an essential aid to learning and communication. We ensure that we have systems in place to keep learners safe and we teach students how to manage their own use of computers and mobile phones so that they are aware of dangers.

Getting students involved to promote safety

We involve students in a variety of ways including: The Student Council, learner feedback, tutorials, projects.

Working with others to keep students safe

Staff have good relationships with external agencies including: the health and social services, the police and probation service and charities and projects supporting families. This means that we can work with them to reduce risks to health and safety and react quickly if a learner reports a problem.


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