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The Creative Collection: Free Exhibitions in June and July

Kensington and Chelsea College (KCC) is celebrating another successful year by exhibiting students’ work in exhibitions across London in The Creative Collection!

On display will be some of the finest work produced by students studying at KCC on courses such as Art & Design, Fashion, Fine Art, Photography, Printmaking and Millinery.

Inspiration for their pieces covers topics that are important or personal to them:

Olga Shkilna, a HND Fine Art student, whose piece is about her concern with knife crime in London said: “I have a 15 year old son and this is something that really worries me, I’m trying to communicate this in my work, the way I feel about it and how I want to raise awareness.”

Denise Lopes, a Level 3 Fashion student whose piece explores homelessness said: “I looked at different types of homelessness, how they survive on the streets, how they protect themselves, how they eat, how they sleep, and the resources they use. This led me to focus on warmth and protection for my exhibition. I want to lay it out as if you’re in the world of a homeless person. A lot of [homeless people] feel like they’re invisible to the world, so I really want to portray that.”

Rachel Hogg, a HNC Contemporary Fine Art student, who’s exploring waste in the Ocean said, “I’m creating a series of installations that make a statement on how the waste we’re putting into the ocean lasts a very long time and it’s killing sea life.”

Amma-kay, a student studying Level 3 Art and Design, whose piece explores Dyslexia said, “I decided to make a water well as a symbol of dyslexia. I want it to say ‘dig deep, believe and achieve.’ Like a well of knowledge.”

Shola Bryan, a Fashion, Art & Design student, whose piece pays homage to her family connections said, “My mum’s Nigerian and my dad’s half Italian but they were both raised in England so I don’t have that much of a connection to my culture. I’ve taken inspiration from a Nigerian artist who makes Victorian silhouettes but covers them in traditional African print. I’ve also take inspiration form Italian high fashion which is really big. I’m going to merge them together into one outfit and explore these cultures”

Multiple locations around London, visit: for more information.

Affinity exhibition connecting KCC artists and friends

Our first exhibition OF the creative collection is starting next month. it features work from student studying the higher national diploma in fine art. 

Exhibition Venue:
Candid Arts First Floor Gallery, 3 Torrens Street, Angel, London, EC1V 1NQ
Opening Hours:
Private Viewing : Tuesday 4 June, 2019, 6 – 8pm
Wednesday 5 June – Saturday 8 June, 11am – 6pm; and Sunday 9 June, 12 – 3pm
HND Artists Talk/Seminar : Saturday 8 June, 2 – 4pm

A group of seven artists from the Higher National Diploma (HND) Fine Art and Photography courses of Kensington & Chelsea College (KCC) join hands to present their year-end show at Candid Arts Gallery in early June. They focus on the explosion in multi-disciplinary practice to realise their visual ambitions as they complete the equivalent of their second year of a BA degree.

Photographer Nikee Brooklyn explores the dependence of objects, while the rest of the group are fine artists working on painting, sculpture, textile, video and installation. This promises an exciting glimpse into their artistic practice at the Affinity Exhibition.

These artists are: Chris Jones, whose interest is on the relation between noise and information; Daisy Kan, rejigging sound and space in multi-media installations; Chloe Lewis-Brady, investigating the beauty norms of society; Elizabeth Orlic, exploring landscape in contemporary painting; Tania Pereira, focusing on animal architecture and making homes for wild animals; and Olga Shkilna, whose paintings are inspired by the ever changing urban landscape.
Joining the group to showcase their new work are their emerging artist friends, Terry Barber,

Charlotte Cooper, Ozlem Demirel, Charlotte Fraser, Theo Hobson and Louise Richards. They are alumni of KCC who form a natural affinity and connection with the current HND students through
a mutual passion in art.

“The students are working as a group to organise this external exhibition in order to acquire the skill and knowledge of how to manage and reach out to the relevant audience. The alumni friends’ participation is most valuable to them too,” said Jane Eyton, HND Course Director at KCC.

The artists seminar on Saturday, 8 June will also give visitors a chance to join in a discussion with the HND artists.

The Creative Collection is a range of exhibitions in June and July that feature work from students studying Creative Arts subjects. More details to come soon. 


‘Unfamiliar Travels’ photography exhibition held by KCC Alumni

Alumni students from Kensington and Chelsea College opened the doors to their ‘Unfamiliar Travels’ exhibition, at a gallery space on Kings Road, Chelsea.

The event was well-attended by current students, staff, friends and families of the artists.

Jaz Kilmister, an exhibiting artist, said: “It’s great to see how all the people I was on the course with have pursued their photography and developed their ideas. We left two years ago but we’ve had this exhibition in the works for about a year.

Unfamiliar Travels exhibition from our students and Photography alumni

It’s really interesting to see what everyone has come up with and how everyone has just been pushing their ideas forward. It’s great!”

Manon Droz, teacher at KCC said, “What’s important is that this event was generated by alumni from a variety of courses. It shows that a community of artists and photographers can co-operate with different genres.”

Nikee Brooklyn, who led in organising the event and currently studies HND Photography at KCC said, “I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, my confidence is sky high tonight.

I have nothing but thanks for the College. I could not be here without KCC or the tutors. The College is amazing and people deserve to know that this is a really good place to study.”

Niki Sianni, Photography tutor at KCC, said, “I’m very proud of Nikee. I taught her levels 2, 3 and 4 and she’s currently on level 5, which is impressive. Putting this [exhibition] together and dealing with different people is quite challenging in itself.”

The exhibition ran from the 14th – 18th May and will be followed by end-of-year shows organised by all creative arts courses at the College. These shows are held during June and July and allow current students to display their work. Details of upcoming exhibitions can be found here

Student wellbeing advice

As it’s Mental Health Awareness week, and this year’s theme is ‘Body image – how we think and feel about our bodies’.

Exam season is upon us and we know it can be a stressful time! Here is some advice from our Additional Learning Support team about how to look after your wellbeing during this period.

Why is student wellbeing so important?

It’s important that a holistic approach is taken towards the learners, taking into account both their physical and mental wellbeing. Maintaining good health enables high levels of attendance and participation in all aspects of college life.

What is your role and what do you do?

The role of the Additional Learning Support team is to provide access to additional support where identified or requested. This can be academic support or to refer learners to specialist services such as the college counsellor and wellbeing service. We also assess and request exam access arrangements where learners have a learning difficulty, disability or mental health condition who may need adjustments for such conditions. People come to ALS either by themselves or they are referred to us by their tutors. We can discuss with the tutors any reasonable adjustments that can be made in class for the learner.

What tips would you give to a student who is stressed going through exams?

Balance revision with regular breaks and relaxation. Good relaxation techniques could be breathing exercises, listening to relaxing music, using mindfulness techniques to focus on the present, the world around us and our senses. We would also recommend regular sleep patterns and moderate levels of exercise such as yoga or Pilates.

What support services are there at the college?

  • ALS can provide 1:1 academic support both in and out of class
  • Counselling and wellbeing service
  • Learning coaches
  • Information, advice and guidance

Our top tip for students to relax during exam period – Spend an hour being kind to yourself, go and do something you really enjoy.

For more information and support please visit our Additional Learning Support team at both our centres.

Interior design students help create new community space at Grenfell support centre

A community centre serving former residents and other people affected by the Grenfell tragedy has opened a new educational area – with help from Kensington & Chelsea College students.

Based in The Curve Community Centre, the Opportunities and Learning hub enables users of the Centre to access space and a range of IT resources to help them with employment and other life priorities. The zone was created on a zero budget utilising the skills and commitment of students and a range of local companies.

A group of Interior design students from KCC’s nearby centre on Wornington Road worked with the Curve, social enterprise ‘ConnecMe2’ and the businesses to help create a professional and welcoming environment for the Centre’s users.

An opening ceremony on 3rd May brought together all those involved in the project, including students from the College and representatives of the businesses, together with staff and users of the Curve.

Amy Cosshall, one of the students who designed the hub, and studies Interior Design & Architecture Level 3 BTEC said: “It’s actually quite overwhelming! You don’t actually realise how it can all come together at first because you think ‘It’s quite a big project, are we actually going to do it? We’re just studying!’ But when we started work with the company and actually started to see ideas come together  – wow, we can actually do it!”

Fellow student Natacha Fedrid added: “When we first visited the Centre, the learning space was not very welcoming and was partitioned off from the rest of the room. A lot of thought went into it, as we felt it needed to be open and accessible environment. It was very meaningful for me to get involved and it was great for us to see the project from beginning to the end.”

David Falcioni, the teacher of Interior Design at Kensington & Chelsea College who introduced the assignment to the students, said: “The students were delighted to have the brief of designing the computer room for the community centre and did their initial research within the community who had been affected by the Grenfell tragedy. Usually when I give projects to the students, they’re hypothetical, so seeing something realised is quite amazing, not only for the fact that this is the final outcome of all the developmental work but also because of the way it’s going to affect the Centre’s users”.


The final room at The Curve

The students worked with 11 companies who each supplied various aspects of the fittings, furnishings and technology in the room. As well as being integral to the success of the project, the students also got invaluable ‘real world’ experience, working closely with the suppliers and the Curve’s managers to deliver the project on time.

Brian Trueman of I Wall, who coordinated the business suppliers, said: “The students were all very willing to get on with the practical project and make it work. They used the skills they are learning in College to help get excellent results for the centre.”

Amanda Vokes of Graphics Company EPL, who provided bespoke graphics for the glass partitions, said: “It was lovely to work with the Design students who showed such passion and vision for the project. They travelled down to our offices in Tunbridge Wells so they could see the whole process from ideas and design through to the finished products. They really knew what they wanted and, as well as learning more about the industry themselves, were able to demonstrate their skills and vision to us. It is exceptional for us to work with design clients who have such enthusiasm and creativity.”



Interior Design students involved in project: Alice, Amy, Christa, Lauren, Natacha Fedrid with their teacher David Falcioni

Curve training officer Chrissy Charles said that the new area would give Curve users access to learning opportunities, the chance to get qualification and complete job applications.  It is also available for community enterprise activities. Centre user Harley-Dee Thompson said: “I am using the computer area to do applications and look for courses. It’s helped me with planning my future.” Another Curve user added: “I’ve been coming here regularly since the centre opened. This new facility is excellent, it’s very welcomed, a good idea.”


The Centre is accessible to all North Kensington residents and is located on Bard Road, W10 6TP. You can find out more here.


‘Working together, the future is ours’: Learners become Principals for the day at Kensington and Chelsea College!

The first Learner Voice Committee (LVC) was held at Kensington and Chelsea College last week with the theme ‘The future of KCC’

As part of the LVC learners were appointed Principal to discuss and present issues they think impact the College surrounding curriculum, community engagement, facilities and student voice.

Beau, a student rep studying Access to Humanities, said: “I think [the activity was] quite insightful into how other students are thinking about their experience. I’ve never been a principal in my life, I don’t understand necessarily how to manage a school or College, but I think what’s most important is to take on board the ideas and concerns of other people and try and articulate them in a way that gives them a fair chance of being heard.”

Following their discussions within groups, students took to the stage in front of a jam-packed auditorium, and presented their ideas to the leadership team, Chair of Governors, and principal himself, Andy Cole.

They made suggestions such as run ‘homework clubs’ and other community activities at times when the building is quieter, develop enterprise activities utilising student creativity, hold more ‘open lectures’ and events to integrate students from different subject areas, and widen the choices at degree level, to name just a few.

Head of Student Experience said: “This event underpinned the importance of students being partners in learning and actively participating in student engagement. Our students have had an invaluable opportunity to hear, share and keenly express their views through meaningful discussions. They also excelled at delivering ‘Principal for the day’ presentations associated with current college matters.”

Andy Cole, Principal of Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “We’re delighted that over 30 student councillors, representing all our course areas, were here today. The ideas, opinions and suggestions they contributed will make a big difference across our teaching and student services. The ‘student voice’ is invaluable to the future of the College.”

Learners will have another opportunity to share their views at the end of May in the next Learner Voice Committee of the year.

The ‘Sporting Families’ Project – Funded Learning Courses for London Sports Clubs

Kensington and Chelsea College are proud to be supporting the ‘Sporting Families’ project, a new London-centred project that helps sports clubs educate their young people and adults about positive mental and physical well-being.

The ‘Sporting Families’ initiative provides sports clubs across London with the opportunity to access funded distance learning courses in areas such as mental health, exercise, and autism – at no cost whatsoever!

The project gives back to those parents, carers, and volunteers who support our young people week in, week out, as they participate in local sporting activities, by providing them with access to funded training.

This project is delivered by The Skills Network, one of the college’s sub-contracted distance learning providers.

Sports clubs of all sizes can now access fully funded distance courses in:

  • Mental health (for both children and adults)
  • Healthy eating
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Autism
  • Exercise and fitness.

So that the whole club can benefit, all clubs will also receive resource packs, auto-marked short courses, and newsletters at no cost!

Each club will nominate five (adult) champions, who will each study a funded online learning course and then share what they have learnt to educate the other members of the club in key areas of well-being.

This is a brilliant opportunity for any club to help promote positive well-being and enable their young people to flourish – a project that is truly for Londoners, funded by Londoners.

Register your club’s interest today!

Would your club benefit from accessing funded training courses? Register your club’s interest by clicking here.

Ground-breaking course in Africana Studies to launch at Kensington and Chelsea College

Kensington and Chelsea College is launching a unique and new pathway into higher education with
an Access course in Africana Studies, the first such programme of its type to be taught anywhere in the UK or Europe. Building on an established module in African and Caribbean Studies at the College, the new programme provides a full level 3 qualification, enabling direct entry into a range of Humanities and Social Science university degrees.

Course Director and tutor Alishia Mogre, who developed the programme, said: “We want students to see this as an opportunity not just for academic progress, but for personal development and transformation. Through an exploration of Africa and the African diaspora we examine how Africa and the experiences of black people have been consistently mis-represented and ill-informed within education. Students are also challenged to analyse historical and contemporary realities and issues in culture and society from an African-centred perspective.”

The course examines Africa as the ‘cradle of humanity’ and covers its rich pre-colonial history, before looking at the post-colonial period, including the impact of Maafa (African enslavement) and the consequences of forced migration. Elements of study include surveying the African diaspora; African spiritual systems; African women; the work of black intellectuals and radicals and the black presence in Europe. All modules are taught alongside study skills, in preparation for Higher Education.

With support from the two leading UK universities for African/black studies – SOAS and Birmingham City University (BCU) – students will benefit from progression opportunities onto prestigious degree programmes. Possible degree choices and career routes for students from the course also include Education, Psychology, Social Work, Anthropology, Race Relations and Community based courses.

BCU’s Professor Kehinde Andrews, one of the UK’s leading experts in African and Caribbean studies,  said: “The need to decolonise the curriculum has never been more relevant and this is true in Further Education as well as Higher Education. This diploma will enable students to study contemporary issues with an excellent historical grounding.”

The one-year course starts in September 2019 and applications are open now. People wanting to find out more and apply should visit the College’s courses section here or call 020 7573 3600.

KCC alumni reunite for Retour exhibition

Kensington and Chelsea College present ‘Retour’ an exhibition featuring work from talented Fine Art alumni.

The exhibition, curated by Erika Winstone, a Fine Art lecturer at the College, showcases work from six former students who each studied Fine Art between 1993-2019.

“Our Alumni are extremely valued as exemplars to our current students of what is possible,” said Erika Winstone. “This exhibition highlights their continued relationship with Kensington and Chelsea College and its students.”

Retour is the fourth alumni exhibition at the College, and includes work encompassing painting, sculpture, video, performance, word art and installation.

One of the artists, Abi Huxtable, said about her piece: “Sometimes I imagine a colour, or at least I thought I’d imagined it. The video opens, bright green plasma rays emanate from a spinning brain, set against a matrix of green flowing numbers on the background d before disappearing to black.”

All alumni involved continued their study at prestigious art schools including Camberwell, Royal College of Art and Central St Martins.

Artists exhibiting include:

Abi Huxtable
Luca Bosani
Ed Hadfield
Jala Wahid
Salii Yule-Tsingas and
Seb Patace

Exhibition information

‘Retour’ is open now at Hortensia Gallery from Thursday 21 March – Thursday 28 March 10am-5pm (Monday-Friday only).

Seminar: Tuesday 26 March 3-4pm

Kensington and Chelsa College
Hortensia Gallery
Hortensia Road
SW10 0QS

Kensington & Chelsea College and Morley College London are working towards merger

The governing bodies of Morley College London and Kensington and Chelsea College can confirm that they are working towards merger.  The Morley resolution today (20 March) follows the decision by the Kensington and Chelsea College Governing Body (4 March) to adopt Morley as its preferred partner.  Merger would lead to the colleges joining together as Morley College London, with three main centres in North Kensington, Chelsea and Waterloo.

The proposed merger is designed to secure and improve the Wornington Road North Kensington Centre after years of uncertainty about its future, while maintaining and developing provision at college centres in Chelsea and Waterloo.

Stuart Edwards, Chair of Governors of Morley College London, said: “Morley College London and Kensington and Chelsea share the same values.  We are committed to the learning needs of our local communities.  Both colleges have a proud record of serving learners in their boroughs and beyond.  This heritage is greatly respected and will be built upon for the future, with investment and new courses to meet people’s aspirations for personal development and career success.  We believe that by working together we can offer an educational framework within which community aspirations can be fostered.”

Ian Valvona, Chair of Governors of Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “‎Kensington and Chelsea College has found the right merger partner in Morley College London. We believe there is a good curriculum fit between the two colleges and there is no doubt that together we will be stronger financially as we look to the future.  Progressing together, the focus will be on high quality teaching and learning and the student experience, whilst nurturing our most valuable asset – our staff – and delivering for the local communities of North Kensington and Chelsea.”

The centres at North Kensington and at Chelsea will provide courses for 16-18 year-olds to enable progression through to advanced and higher-level study alongside a progressive, flexible and creative adult education curriculum portfolio comprising daytime, evening and weekend delivery of accredited and non-accredited courses.  Information, advice and guidance will be available to encourage next steps in learning and support positive destinations to employment and apprenticeships. The well-established Waterloo Centre on Westminster Bridge Road will continue just as it does today.

Andrew Gower, Principal of Morley, said: “In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we recognise and respect the longstanding special significance of the college centre at Wornington Road for local residents.  We are committed to ensuring the centres at North Kensington, Chelsea and Waterloo reflect the needs of the communities they serve. The merged college will deliver a major contribution to each objective of the Mayor’s Skills for Londoners Strategy, ensuring the needs of the local communities are met by a responsive and growing curriculum offer.  We are committed to 16 to 18 provision, and will look to grow the offer at North Kensington Centre on Wornington Road, and consult widely with the local community as an essential part of the merger process.”

Andy Cole, Principal of Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “In the past 12 months I have been privileged to meet with so many people dedicated to working with passion and commitment in the best interests of our college and our communities. The North Kensington area, in particular, has a reputation for innovative partnership, and of welcoming the input of all for the betterment of all. I am therefore excited to see the positive contribution that Morley College London will make, with its proud tradition of community engagement, to securing and enhancing provision for our communities throughout the Borough.”