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Ground-breaking course in Africana Studies to launch at Kensington and Chelsea College

Kensington and Chelsea College is launching a unique and new pathway into higher education with
an Access course in Africana Studies, the first such programme of its type to be taught anywhere in the UK or Europe. Building on an established module in African and Caribbean Studies at the College, the new programme provides a full level 3 qualification, enabling direct entry into a range of Humanities and Social Science university degrees.

Course Director and tutor Alishia Mogre, who developed the programme, said: “We want students to see this as an opportunity not just for academic progress, but for personal development and transformation. Through an exploration of Africa and the African diaspora we examine how Africa and the experiences of black people have been consistently mis-represented and ill-informed within education. Students are also challenged to analyse historical and contemporary realities and issues in culture and society from an African-centred perspective.”

The course examines Africa as the ‘cradle of humanity’ and covers its rich pre-colonial history, before looking at the post-colonial period, including the impact of Maafa (African enslavement) and the consequences of forced migration. Elements of study include surveying the African diaspora; African spiritual systems; African women; the work of black intellectuals and radicals and the black presence in Europe. All modules are taught alongside study skills, in preparation for Higher Education.

With support from the two leading UK universities for African/black studies – SOAS and Birmingham City University (BCU) – students will benefit from progression opportunities onto prestigious degree programmes. Possible degree choices and career routes for students from the course also include Education, Psychology, Social Work, Anthropology, Race Relations and Community based courses.

BCU’s Professor Kehinde Andrews, one of the UK’s leading experts in African and Caribbean studies,  said: “The need to decolonise the curriculum has never been more relevant and this is true in Further Education as well as Higher Education. This diploma will enable students to study contemporary issues with an excellent historical grounding.”

The one-year course starts in September 2019 and applications are open now. People wanting to find out more and apply should visit the College’s courses section here or call 020 7573 3600.

KCC alumni reunite for Retour exhibition

Kensington and Chelsea College present ‘Retour’ an exhibition featuring work from talented Fine Art alumni.

The exhibition, curated by Erika Winstone, a Fine Art lecturer at the College, showcases work from six former students who each studied Fine Art between 1993-2019.

“Our Alumni are extremely valued as exemplars to our current students of what is possible,” said Erika Winstone. “This exhibition highlights their continued relationship with Kensington and Chelsea College and its students.”

Retour is the fourth alumni exhibition at the College, and includes work encompassing painting, sculpture, video, performance, word art and installation.

One of the artists, Abi Huxtable, said about her piece: “Sometimes I imagine a colour, or at least I thought I’d imagined it. The video opens, bright green plasma rays emanate from a spinning brain, set against a matrix of green flowing numbers on the background d before disappearing to black.”

All alumni involved continued their study at prestigious art schools including Camberwell, Royal College of Art and Central St Martins.

Artists exhibiting include:

Abi Huxtable
Luca Bosani
Ed Hadfield
Jala Wahid
Salii Yule-Tsingas and
Seb Patace

Exhibition information

‘Retour’ is open now at Hortensia Gallery from Thursday 21 March – Thursday 28 March 10am-5pm (Monday-Friday only).

Seminar: Tuesday 26 March 3-4pm

Kensington and Chelsa College
Hortensia Gallery
Hortensia Road
SW10 0QS

Kensington & Chelsea College and Morley College London are working towards merger

The governing bodies of Morley College London and Kensington and Chelsea College can confirm that they are working towards merger.  The Morley resolution today (20 March) follows the decision by the Kensington and Chelsea College Governing Body (4 March) to adopt Morley as its preferred partner.  Merger would lead to the colleges joining together as Morley College London, with three main centres in North Kensington, Chelsea and Waterloo.

The proposed merger is designed to secure and improve the Wornington Road North Kensington Centre after years of uncertainty about its future, while maintaining and developing provision at college centres in Chelsea and Waterloo.

Stuart Edwards, Chair of Governors of Morley College London, said: “Morley College London and Kensington and Chelsea share the same values.  We are committed to the learning needs of our local communities.  Both colleges have a proud record of serving learners in their boroughs and beyond.  This heritage is greatly respected and will be built upon for the future, with investment and new courses to meet people’s aspirations for personal development and career success.  We believe that by working together we can offer an educational framework within which community aspirations can be fostered.”

Ian Valvona, Chair of Governors of Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “‎Kensington and Chelsea College has found the right merger partner in Morley College London. We believe there is a good curriculum fit between the two colleges and there is no doubt that together we will be stronger financially as we look to the future.  Progressing together, the focus will be on high quality teaching and learning and the student experience, whilst nurturing our most valuable asset – our staff – and delivering for the local communities of North Kensington and Chelsea.”

The centres at North Kensington and at Chelsea will provide courses for 16-18 year-olds to enable progression through to advanced and higher-level study alongside a progressive, flexible and creative adult education curriculum portfolio comprising daytime, evening and weekend delivery of accredited and non-accredited courses.  Information, advice and guidance will be available to encourage next steps in learning and support positive destinations to employment and apprenticeships. The well-established Waterloo Centre on Westminster Bridge Road will continue just as it does today.

Andrew Gower, Principal of Morley, said: “In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we recognise and respect the longstanding special significance of the college centre at Wornington Road for local residents.  We are committed to ensuring the centres at North Kensington, Chelsea and Waterloo reflect the needs of the communities they serve. The merged college will deliver a major contribution to each objective of the Mayor’s Skills for Londoners Strategy, ensuring the needs of the local communities are met by a responsive and growing curriculum offer.  We are committed to 16 to 18 provision, and will look to grow the offer at North Kensington Centre on Wornington Road, and consult widely with the local community as an essential part of the merger process.”

Andy Cole, Principal of Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “In the past 12 months I have been privileged to meet with so many people dedicated to working with passion and commitment in the best interests of our college and our communities. The North Kensington area, in particular, has a reputation for innovative partnership, and of welcoming the input of all for the betterment of all. I am therefore excited to see the positive contribution that Morley College London will make, with its proud tradition of community engagement, to securing and enhancing provision for our communities throughout the Borough.”

Community art workshop by award-winning artist Anastasia Russa

On 7 March, Anastasia Russa, artist and winner of the Portobello Wall Art project, toured the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to deliver art workshops at Kensington and Chelsea College and the Tabernacle.

The majority of her visit was spent at KCC speaking to Level 1 students about their artwork that had been influenced by the work on Portobello Road.

During Anastasia’s visit to the Art and Design Department, she took part in a student video interview, where she was asked questions regarding the influences of her art work. There was also a mini exhibition of her work in the main College Hall. Whilst her artwork was being exhibited Anastasia spoke further to students and it was apparent that they were enriched by the conversation and experience of talking with her.

Anastasia stated that she would welcome the opportunity to do more work with KCC students.

Jon Rees from the community said “It was a great workshop. I hope that there will be another one in the near future”.

Xenia de Berner, a KCC teaching support staff member said, “I have had so much fun learning new art skills”.

The day at KCC ended with a Free Community Art Workshop at the Kensington campus.

Members of the local community, KCC students, and staff were able to learn various artistic techniques such as drawing and painting using words to invent visual narratives and themes. Students also explored abstract painting.

During the workshop Anastasia discussed general schemes of composition, tone and colourful solutions that have an impact on the emotional content of the artwork.

Paul would also like to thank Mizuho Koizumi for her contribution to the day and for supplying art materials, and Miranda Macfarlane of RBKC for co-managing Anastasia’s visit to the Borough.

Highlights from the UAL Extended Diploma & UAL Diploma in Art & Design Level 3 Exhibition

Students studying Art & Design Level 3 showcased their work at our Hortensia Gallery, focusing their work on the theme ‘Transformation – Cultural and Drawing’.

Students made several study visits to research cultural artefacts in the British Museum and other London galleries. They were presented with the task of responding to and interpreting their research.

Caressa Carpo with her work

Students experimented with a range of techniques and materials in the studio to develop ideas for their own sculpture, leading to a final outcome of their own choice.

The large mixed media drawing project approaches the theme of ‘Transformation’ and are based on manipulating elements of visual language.

Stuart Denyer, Fine Art lecturer, said: “The opportunity to show work in the gallery away from the studio space gives students a chance to individually and collectively reflect and evaluate the work. It is often a totally new experience for students to show in a gallery context and gives them a valuable insight into the demands of engaging with an audience.”

Caressa Carpo, studying UAL Extended Diploma in Art & Design Level 3, said: “This was a sculpture project. In this piece I used salt because when I was young I used to do crystal experiments and so I wanted to do something like that. I also used ink as well in this piece; it’s really fun doing the shapes and sizes. I had some difficulty with it because it was really fragile and kept on moving apart.”


KCC celebrates International Women’s Day

Kensington and Chelsea College celebrated International Women’s Day by inviting the local community and College staff and students to an exclusive event.

The fabulous line-up of speakers included The Mayor, ladies from the Community Hubb Kitchen, Adriana Vargas-Colwill from Women in Engineering and Robyn Chainey from the London Fire Brigade. Each shared their incredible stories and extraordinary achievements with a captive audience.

This year’s theme is #BalanceForBetter which aims to promote a more gender-equal world, not just in business scenarios, but in wider communities.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended this event, with special thanks to Virgin Active, Innocent, Golborne Deli, Electric Cinema and Al Manaar Mosque for your generosity.

Here are a few highlights from the day.

Our raffle winners



Masterclass with renowned printmaker Ali Yanya comes to KCC

A printmaking course with renowned printmaker Ali Yanya will be starting next month at Kensington and Chelsea College

The two day course at our Chelsea Centre will introduce alternative techniques in Mezzotint along with live demonstrations from Ali.  

Students will be able to use drawings and photographs to develop a suitable image to be transferred onto a pre-rocked copper plate. 

During the course students will also be able to use the mezzotint rocker, burnisher and scraper. 

No previous experience is needed. To enrol click here.

Course information:

Dates: 19 – 20 February 2019
Times: Tue & Wed 10:00am – 4pm
Campus: Chelsea Centre in the Carlyle Building
Full Fee: £185

Photo Credit by: Bruce Tanner

About Ali Yanya:

Born in Istanbul, Ali took a fine arts degree at Marmara University and went on to teach at Mimar Sinan University for two years. Conceiving an ambition to master the art of printmaking he won a Turkish government overseas study scholarship and secured a place at the RCA where he gained an MA with Distinction (his talent being singled out by Peter Blake) and returned to lecture at Mimar Sinan Universit

Community police inspired by glass art project

Constables Wall (left) and Smith (right) during the creation of their ‘Thin Blue Line’ pieces.

In the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy, Kensington & Chelsea College’s glass department ran a course for local residents with The Curve community centre, aimed at helping people connect and communicate through artistic creation.

The course recently concluded with an exhibition of the students’ work.  The project inspired Community Liaison Police Constables Charlotte Wall and Alicia Smith, who then spent a day with tutor Dawn James and students in the College’s Glass Studio this week.

They created their own artwork, representing the concept of the Police as a ‘thin blue line’.

Constable Wall said: “During the project we saw how working with glass and learning new creative skills was helping the group to express themselves and form new bonds in the community.

Wall and Smith with Dawn a Glass tutor at KCC

With a new public police office opening nearby in the next few weeks, we wanted to show our appreciation of the project by creating this piece with Dawn and the students.”


It’s in the jeans: Denim exhibition from fashion students

Fashion students at Kensington and Chelsea College showcased their work at the denim exhibition last month.

The students were asked to create garments that were influenced by a decade. Within the project students produced design boards, textiles samples and illustrations before generating new three-dimensional ideas.

The exhibition showcased work from students in their first year of their UAL Extended Diploma course and for many of the students this was the first time they have seen their work on display.

Caroline, a fashion tutor at KCC, said: “The students have to choose an era to combine with denim. They have to research that era and produce lots of sketchbook and experimental work. The project is around 4 weeks.

It is really lovely to see their work up, all finished. They have all produced something really beautiful and interesting. I can see the trajectory where they are all gradually getting better and better.”

One student, Markos Tranakas, said: “I am very satisfied with myself seeing my work in the exhibition because I feel I have progressed a lot since secondary school. I am very happy to be showcasing something which is mine.”

Lummi Morato Ramos, who also studies fashion at KCC, said: “I feel proud seeing my piece as I know how much work I put into it. I can always do better, but for my first piece of work, I’m really glad that I had a chance to do it.”




Kensington and Chelsea College showcases ‘Jupiter’ exhibition

Fine Art and Photography at Kensington & Chelsea College perfectly binds modern and contemporary themes in an innovative and stimulating way.

Lead by tutors, students and alumni from Kensington and Chelsea College, the much-anticipated Fine Art and Photography exhibition ’Jupiter’ showcased at the College in December. It displayed a wide variety of artwork consisting of sculptures, paintings and photographs, where every artist inspired in their own way.

Students on Fine art courses are encouraged to be independent, experimental, open up without boundaries and are given opportunities to move forward in life and education, in which their tutors are agents that help them to do so.

“It was wonderful to see this inspirational show of work by our Fine Art and Photography staff,’ said Matthew Kolakowski, Curriculum Manager for Fine Art and Photography. ‘It demonstrates a profound commitment to maintaining their standing as exemplars of professional practice.’


Ali Yanya, one of the tutors and exhibiting artists, showcased three observational paintings at the exhibition. Inspiration for his pieces came from witnessing the practices of ordinary life and interpreting its deeper meaning.

His piece titled ‘Traders’ takes a scene from a market of a group of men, with one in particular holding a magnifying class. He interpreted it as the financial market, and the man holding the magnifying glass as a metaphor for people who control the whole process.

Another of Ali’s paintings called ‘White Paper’ was formed from a concept, referring to the power of white paper as it relates to information and technology which can usually be seen on white paper and the power that it has over individuals and society as a whole.

‘White Paper’

Some of the artists also used unique and luxury materials to create their art. Stuart Denyer created his paintings on handmade paper, made in India and imported from Pakistan after being dried in the sun. After the success of the exhibition, there are plans to run it again in March 18th – 21st 2019.

21 Artists showcased at the Jupiter exhibition: Sue Andreae, Jane Eyton, Justin Hibbs, Sara Knowland, Angela Mackay, Greg Rook, Rachel Wilson, Bernadette Yates, Stuart Denyer, Gillian Fielden, Claire Hynds, Matthew Kolakowski, Martin Masterson, Elspeth Ross, Erika Winstone, Manon Droz, Paul Gildea, Rishi Jogoo, Daniela Rizzi, Niki Sianni, Ali Yanya.