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Interior Design students score with Chelsea FC

interior design students work with chelsea fc as part of museum redevelopment 

Interior Design students have been working with Chelsea Football Club on their final projects that focused on the Museum’s redevelopment. 

The ideas will help the redevelopment of Chelsea Football Club’s museum that is opening in September.

Over the past six weeks, students from Interior Design have presented their projects and ideas to Chelsea Football Club.

Level 3 Interior Design students worked with the design consultancy Designwerk on the project. The project focused on one of the rooms in the museum: ‘The Foundation Room’.

‘The Foundation Room’ focuses on the local community. Therefore our students’ ideas focused on engaging visitors with the club’s history, charitable work and the club’s future.

The brief stated that the room should use other elements to engage all ages rather than being technology-led.

Ideas included an area where visitors could share their stories, which included engaging graphics and creative displays concepts.

The students attended an initial briefing at Stamford Bridge and afterwards they started to work on their ideas. Their ideas where then presented to Designwerk.

The final project presentation was held at Chelsea Football Club on Wednesday 13 June.

Saha Saif and Connor Crawford from Designwerk, said: 

“It was good to see the students thinking like designers as they are using the same design processes that we use in the workplace.”

Student gains work experience at design company through project

As a result of the project, Level 3 student, Saffron Lord, won a three-month design internship with Designwerk.

Saffron said:I am excited to work with DesignWerk more. I am looking forward to see what new doors open for me. It is an incredible opportunity to be offered an internship with DesignWerk. Furthermore, this internship will really give me a truly valuable experience within the design industry.”

Alya Rizvi, who is the Curriculum Manager of Design and Multimedia, said: “All our Interior Design and Architecture courses prepare students for higher education and design employment. It is brilliant that not only do our students get into top design universities each year, but our students also gain work placements at top design companies too.”

In addition, the museum will be opening at Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge site on 1st September 2018.

Double success for Glass students

Success for our students

Two of our Glassmaking students have recently been awarded for their high quality of work and knowledge in Glass.

Janine Greenberg won second prize at the Stevens Competition for Architectural Glass Design. Janine received £1,200 in prize giving and also two 10-week work placements as part of the Ashton Hill Awards. This is her second award in under a month.

Caroline O’Connor has been awarded a scholarship to attend the Corning Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in summer 2018. She will have all expenses paid for as she travels to New York to continue her research and practice in glass techniques.

Last month both Caroline and Janine were shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Inspired by the V&A’ awards, where Janine won in the ‘Glass and Stained Glass’ category.

Both students study BTEC Certification in Art and Design Level 3 – Glass, taught at the Kensington Centre.

Huge congratulations to both Caroline and Janine.

Note to editors:

Stevens Competition The competition celebrates the skills and talents of emerging glass artists and conservators.

Ashton Hill Awards The awards offer funded placements in studios to gain work experience in glass.

Corning Museum of Glass A museum based in New York dedicated to glass, and displays and cares for the world’s best collection of art and historical glass.

Award-winning childcare student’s inspiring journey

A childcare student at Kensington and Chelsea College has been named as CACHE’s Learner of the Year.  Bethany Arthey, aged 19 from Croydon, received the award at CACHE’s national conference in London last week.  She is currently studying the Level 2 Certificate in Early Years Education and Care at the College’s Chelsea centre in Hortensia Road.

Before coming to College, Bethany had to cope with a challenging childhood, moving around the UK and being enrolled in a Pupil Referral Unit.  Despite being diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, she completed her GCSEs, but an unfulfilling job in retail prompted her to return to College.

“I had to re-do my Maths and English – and I come from a big family and really enjoy looking after children, so I chose this course,” says Bethany. “Some of the other girls on the course are younger than me, but they’ve been lovely and so are the tutors.”

The best thing about the course for Bethany is being able to study three days a week and then apply what she learns to a placement in a nursery in Hammersmith on the remaining two days.

“I probably wouldn’t have been ready for this course when I left school three years ago, but I’m ready now,” she comments.  The College is delighted with Bethany’s success. Tracie Fryer-Kanssen, Curriculum Manager, says she saw a “spark of fabulousness” in Bethany when interviewing her for a place at College, and Suzzanne Warwick-Barron, the course tutor, has praised her as a “caring, supportive and determined student”.

Bethany is planning to move on to Level 3 once she has completed her current course.  “After my studies, I’d like to work in something to do with family law and abused children,” she says.

Bethany Arthey, CACHE Learner of the Year

Bethany Arthey, CACHE Learner of the Year

Fine Art students follow in famous footsteps with mid-year Show

HNC Fine Art students at Kensington and Chelsea College take an important step in their artistic development this week, with a mid-year Show at the College’s Chelsea Centre.

Entitled Interim Exhibition, the show is a rich mix of artistic styles and media from a diverse group of artists.  Some hail from Croatia, China and Spain, and others from careers in arts management, interior design, graphic design, software design and journalism.

The HNC is one of the most successful fine art courses in London. Alumni include Turner Prize nominee Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Jerwood painting fellow Susan Sluglett. An increasing number of students now complete the College’s new BA Fine Art top-up, validated by London South Bank University. Many progress to BA and MA courses at the Royal College, Chelsea, Camberwell, Goldsmiths and other prestigious locations.

Course director Greg Rook said: “These courses deliver the highest standard of training, for lower fees than other similar courses. This year’s students are full of fresh ideas. We are proud to be showing work that is thoughtful, relevant and exciting.”

Interim Exhibition Thu and Fri 1-2 Mar and Mon – Wed 5-7 Mar (10am-4pm), Hortensia Gallery, Chelsea Building, Hortensia Road, London SW10 0QS.  Private view Wed 28 Feb 6-8pm.

Participating artists: Sophie Birkin, Charlotte Cooper, Amber Cousins, Atalanta Dickinson, Theo Hobson, Chris Jones, Daisy Kan, Chloe Lewis-Brady, Christine Low, Polly McDermott, Elizabeth Orlic, Tania Pereira, Eliza Plunkett, Olga Shkilna, Carole Thomson, Selva Martinez.

Appointment of New Principal

The appointment of a new Principal/CEO was made by representatives of the Board of Governors who were unanimous in their decision.

Andy Cole, Pricipal

Andy Cole will provide strong leadership to KCC over the coming months using his extensive relevant experience in the FE sector in London.

From his profile you will see that Andy has a degree in Fine Art and his background is in curriculum and quality with strong financial leadership and management and experience of how good MIS can help a college improve performance.



Please see the message sent from Andy:

I am delighted to be joining Kensington & Chelsea College and look forward to working with you all as we continue the quality improvement journey the college has been on and to secure the long-term future for education and training in both North Kensington and Chelsea.“

Amina wins Jack Petchey Award

One of OUR hard working young Childcare students has taken home the Jack Petchey Achievement Award after being nominated by her classmates in her Level 2 Introduction to Early Years Education and Care class.

Amina came to the College with no qualifications, but recently started on her Level 3 qualification in September following a successful work placement over the summer.

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people, something we’re always excited to do at KCC.

Tracie Fryer-Kanssen, Curriculum Manager, has been amazed by the progress made by Amina, saying:

“Amina has matured into a responsible and reflective learner who has excelled in her placement, successfully securing employment there over the summer. She achieved 100% attendance and punctuality over the year in college and on her placement.

“This was an impressive achievement, especially over the last half term of the course, as Amina lives directly underneath Grenfell Tower and her placement was in the tower itself.

“I’m delighted with the recognition of Amina and the success of all the students; they are a marvellous, eclectic class!”

Kensington & Chelsea College currently delivers a diverse portfolio of CACHE qualifications in a number of sectors including Children and Young People, Early Years Educator, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, and Health and Social Care. Find out more at

Meet our new Corporate Governors

The Corporation of Kensington & Chelsea College is pleased to announce new appointments to the College’s Governing Body.

The new members come from a range of educational and commercial backgrounds and will work closely with senior leaders at the college to help ensure the smooth running of the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Ian ValvonaIan Valvona

A trained broadcast journalist, Ian is a civil servant at the Department for Education with strong experience in qualifications and curriculum policy, 14-19 education reform, and youth engagement and participation. Most recently he has worked in children’s social care where he has led interventions in several failing local authorities and established new children’s social care Trusts in Doncaster, Slough and Sunderland. He is currently working in a temporary role as Chief of Staff with the Birmingham Children’s Trust.

Suzanna RennieSuzanna Rennie

Suzanna is a Chartered Investment Manager who works for Santander Bank. She lives in North Kensington close to the Kensington campus and has worked in the Borough for a number of years. Suzanna will bring a strong local perspective to the Board of Governors, along with her understanding of finance, her analytical skills and a real commitment to helping other young people extract the maximum benefit from their education.


Thomas Woolf

Tom Woolf is the CEO of EdAid Limited and lives close to the Chelsea campus of Kensington & Chelsea College. An entrepreneur and former professional athlete, Tom’s  pioneering approach to frontier markets and technology has seen him build successful businesses in the UK, Middle East & Africa.

After launching JustGiving in 2011 (the world’s largest fundraising platform for charities), Tom launched in 2015 as a crowdfunding platform for students to finance their higher education, interest-free. EdAid’s sister company Qard Hasan is also the world’s first interest-free Islamic student funding platform and has already worked with over 1000 students.


Find out more about our other Governors on our Board of Governors Biography page.

Mehdi’s punt on Cambridge pays off

Mehdi Arif had everything going for him when he decided on a change of direction. So he studied Access to Law at Kensington and Chelsea College and is now on his way to Cambridge University.

Here he tells his story.

Growing up, I’ve always been told that there were some things that I could not do. But then again I’ve always challenged the limits that were set to me by other people.

I was born and raised in Morocco, where my friends had a defeatist mentality.

While in the United States the motto is “Yes we can”, in Morocco, I was told many times that I will not succeed. My Physics and Chemistry teacher in my final baccalaureate year affirmed in front of me and my whole class that I not only won’t pass my final exam, but I will never amount to anything. So did a previous high school principal. Just because I chose unorthodox ways of learning without caring about what other people thought. An uncle told me that I was too soft for combat sports. Former classmates told me that I will never make it to a top university.

To this day, I have fully pledged myself to focusing on one and only one priority. Proving everyone wrong. I have always and will forever be that kid who was stubborn enough to do what people told him he could not. In many instances I have been thinking about my old Physics and Chemistry teacher, wanting to show up and tell him that I’ve gone against his speculation and beat his odds, and passed my baccalaureate with a major in the same subject he taught. Many times I’ve wanted to have a sit-down with my uncle to tell him that I’m doing very well at martial arts. Many times I’ve wanted to see that principal that never believed in me to show him that I’ve become more successful than he could have imagined.

A few months after getting my baccalaureate, I have decided to leave Morocco and move to the United Kingdom. That was the biggest challenge of my life so far, given that my English was not that great and that I had little to no connections or friends in this country. I did not know what to expect, but one thing I was sure about was that the environment here is competitive and that I was going to have to grind in order to gain something significant out of this move.

The move happened in late 2012. At first it was nothing but confusion, not socialising due to my previously poor English, locking myself in. Later on I found a martial arts gym. That’s where I found all the support I needed, people that I could socialise with, great coaches and good friends. They saw the potential in me and the “want” factor. Once the time was right they’ve pushed me towards various competitions, locals at first, then regionals, onto nationals and internationals later on.

The competing process was packed with failure. However, as the motivational speaker Eric Thomas said: “Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside. And something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.”

If there is something I am not, it’s definitely a quitter. I am naturally stubborn, therefore the little bumps on the road were not enough to stop me. I kept grinding every day, Monday to Monday, until I started winning, then I wanted some more so the grind never stopped. Everyday I woke up with one and only one goal, and it’s to be the best at what I was going to do that day.

A few years later, my body had to take a break from the competitive aspect of sports due to several injuries. But I was not planning to stop there anyway. Being the hyperactive person I am, I had to find something else to do well at. After spending a few days trying to find myself again I have decided to take a step forward and hop back into education.

This time it wasn’t to study a science, but an art. I chose to become a Law student – and there can be no doubt that effective advocacy in a court of law is an art. I decided to put my heart and soul into it.

Following that decision I have started to do some research. However holding an International Baccalaureate with a major of Physics was not opening many doors to me, therefore I took the decision to take two steps back in order to create momentum and leap forward.

I started researching foundation courses in Law, and that’s when I landed on the Access to Higher Education course in Law offered by the Kensington and Chelsea College. Without an ounce of hesitation, I filled out the application form and waited impatiently for an answer and an invitation to enrol myself into the course. An invitation received a couple of weeks later marked the beginning of a whole new journey, with the sole goal of a bright career in Law.

Being a student with little to no legal knowledge at the beginning of the course, I did not have any high expectations. The end goal was simply to make it to university. My law tutor saw the potential in me and pushed me to apply to a top university amongst my more average choices. I was sceptical at first but I did it. After all it was just one choice wasted out of five.

I did not think much of it. All I was focused on was performing well at my assignments and writing satisfying essays in order to achieve flawless marks, therefore my daily life was mainly waking up, training, heading to college, going back home, doing my own independent studies and research before going to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Following application, I ended up receiving an invitation for interviews and a law test at Cambridge. I had spent the days leading up to it being extremely nervous. However that did not hold me back from showing up. I showed up and performed. Following the interviews and the exam I decided to clear my mind completely from what has happened and focus entirely on getting the perfect score of 45 credits at Distinction in order to fill in the university’s requirements which I eventually got at the end of the year, securing myself a place at a university no one has ever thought I’d get into.

After graduating I would like to keep studying and learning. I’d also like to study other legal systems such as the American legal system, and possibly move onto political science. Following this course and the support offered by my tutors, I have finally discovered my true potential. Thanks to them, I am not going to stop at a Bachelors degree in law. The sky is the limit and I am planning to test those limits.


Don’t miss out. Come and enrol at the following campuses.

KENSINGTON: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Access to Humanities and Social Sciences, Childcare, Design, ESOL, maths and English, Teacher Training

CHELSEA:  Fine Art and Photography, Fashion and Millinery, Access to health/ paramedic studies/ radiography/ midwifery/ nursing/ sports science/ law, health and social care, childcare, ESOL, maths and English


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New Principal announced

Experienced college principal Dr Elaine McMahon CBE has been appointed to take the helm at Kensington and Chelsea College.

McMahon becomes interim principal and chief executive as the college continues merger talks with neighbouring Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College, of which she has also been a previous interim principal.

Her long career in further education also includes being interim principal at City College Coventry, Edinburgh College and Harlow College.  Prior to undertaking interim roles she was Principal/CEO at the Hull College Group and Salford College.

Mary Curnock Cook OBE, chair of governors at the college, said:

“Elaine is an extremely experienced college principal who is well-regarded in the further education sector and we’re delighted that she will be bringing her talents to Kensington and Chelsea.

“I’d like to thank the previous principal Michele Sutton CBE for her excellent work at the college. We are very sad to lose her after her husband recently suffered a serious stroke and we fully understand her need to be with her family at this difficult time and send our good wishes for a full recovery.

Dr McMahon has more than 30 years’ experience in further and higher education in the UK and the USA, and previously worked in the legal profession.

She was made a CBE in 2009 for services to local and national education.

Dr McMahon said: “I’m looking forward to the challenges and opportunities at KCC.  Given the important changes underway at the College I will be emphasising the importance of the views of staff, students and the community as I get started.”

Kensington and Chelsea College provides education and training to 16 to 18 year-olds and adults at two centres in Chelsea and North Kensington, with a range of full-time and part-time courses.