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Photography Alumni Exhibition: Opening

Kensington and Chelsea is celebrating its first photography alumni exhibition. We are extremely proud and greatful for our alumnis participation in this show, and equally of their achievements. 

‘I feel it is important that we acknowledge the achievement of these photography in their careers, I consider this is part of their journey as independent professionals.’  Matthew Kolakowski, Curriculum Manager Fine Art and Photography, The Arts

Pareidolia, Apophenia, Patternicity explores the various degrees of different psychological behaviour. Thus we try to make sense of the world via imposing our interpretation of structure or reason onto our sensory perception. Equally this desire to make sense of the world can lead to siliness such as when we see mother Theresa in a croissant or Jesus in the lid of a marmite jar.

Do come along and see more:

Venue: Kensington and Chelsea College, Hortensia Road,  London, SW10 0QS

Key dates: 

  • Thursday May 5th 2016  (6:30pm – 9:30pm) 
  • Friday May 6th 2016  (10:00am – 5:00pm) 
  • Monday May 9th to Friday May 12th (10:00am – 5:00pm) 
  • Monday May 16th to Thursday May 19th (10:00am – 5:00pm)


Photography Exhibition – Separation and Belonging

Our Photography alumni Gökhan Tanrıöver will be at the Separation and Belonging exhibition.

Separation and Belonging is a group photography exhibition centred on identity as a fluid notion. Photography’s ability to fix its subjects in history has provided the illusion that if we can retain the image of a face or of a place, we also possess a singular truth about them. But identity is an elusive concept, perpetually questioned and reinvented, floating back and forth in time. The conceptual portraiture and landscape imagery in the exhibition tackle precisely this flow of meaning. 

The works of the four emerging artists based in London are concerned with how what appears to be the essence of a person, a culture or a space, as well as the relationships between them, shifts from known to unfamiliar, from new to obsolete and often vice versa.

Joel Fong looks at erosion as a formative process, with new environments being built while old buildings and cultures disintegrate. In the case of Singapore, his native country, the traditional local culture has come to compete with the influx of foreign fashion in the daily life of people. Currently in a transitional stage, many choose to hold onto cultural aspects that coincide with their way of life, allowing the rest of their traditions to fall into decay. 

Gökhan Tanrıöver’s series questions the relationship between individual and landscape. Does the physical space define who and how we are or is our influence on our surroundings more significant? Covered with a plastic sheet, lying in various spaces, the artist represents himself ambiguously as either dead or asleep, transferring the responsibility of the choice to the viewer, while the space too shifts from a scene of a crime to an embracing landscape.

Comprised of projects that investigate the volatility of meaning and articulate identity as a transitive process, Separation and Belonging offers an open-ended experience – the viewer’s reading of photography’s eclectic language plays an active part in the puzzle.

5th Base Gallery – 23 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ

Private View: 5 May 6-9pm

Opening  hours:

6-8 May: 12-8pm
9 May: 12-6pm

For more information:

Youth Travel Ambassadors Initiative

What is YTA (Youth Travel Ambassadors)?

IMG_6799Youth travel ambassadors (YTA) is a youth-led programme for secondary schools, sixth forms & colleges in London which is led by Transport for London (TFL).Young people aged 11-19 can make a difference to the transport issues affecting their school communities.

The Kensington and Chelsea YTA Team meet to discuss travel within the college. This terms theme is active travel, so the college’s YTA team have come up with various ways to promote active travel within the 16-19 year old age group. 

The YTA team plan to make a video and posters for students and staff to promote the various ways of active travel. There are many ways of being active for example walking, running, biking, skateboarding, riding a scooter or getting off the bus/train a stop earlier if you live far and walking the rest of the way.

We are trying to create a new college ethos by getting students and staff involved in being more active, the aim is to get everyone who participates to use the Map My Walk app. This app calculates how much distance you’ve travelled and how many calories you’ve lost during that time. We will then monitor this every Friday by getting the participant to screenshot their evaluation and post it on the college Facebook or twitter page.

The winner will be the person who has been the most active. There are three prizes for 1st place 2nd place & 3rd place. If there is a tie the student council members will decide who will receive the prize, this will be done by putting both participants’ names in a hat and have a draw to insure fairness.

We hope to start holding focus groups to evaluate how many students and staffs is active travelling. At the beginning of these focus groups we will hold a survey asking them a few questions on active travel such as; how much active travels have you done in the past week? We will then show a short film that was made by the YTA team and we ask a few questions about how they feel about being active now.

What happened at Campaign Junction?

Campaign Junction Events are an opportunity for YTAs to gain valuable presentation skills and receive additional support, funding and guidance in order to implement their campaign ideas. On February 11th 2016 there was a campaign junction held for many schools to promote a valuable presentation to TFL as well as other schools. They receive additional support, funding of £250 and guidance in order to implement their campaign ideas.

Inspired by competition

Inspired by the world of Glass

Kensington and Chelsea College are pleased to announce that we have two of our Level 3 certificate students work displayed at Morley Gallery.

They were selected through the Inspired by competition which is an art competition and exhibition supported by the Rootstein Hopkins Foundation.

This competition is aimed for people in adult education. Taking part offers are students the opportunity to  showcase new works inspired by exhibits in the V&A’s collections. 

Interview with our two students from the glass department. 

Competition theme

  • Based on Rhythm
  • Interpretation of colour vulture

How we were able to support the competition participates:

  • ‘KCC has giving us the platform to express ourselves’
  • ‘Provided us the opportunity to get your work seen’
  • ‘self-belief and go for it’

Asked what is next on their adventures

  • ‘independent work, exhibit externally’

Music Production & Business

The Rhythm Studio is teaming up with Kensington & Chelsea College to offer a Level 2 Diploma in Music Production & Business starting in September 2016. The primary focus of the course is to equip students with practical skills for a career in the modern music industry. Units include Organising A Music Event, Music Marketing & Promotion, Music Sequencing & Production, Sound Recording, Podcast Production and Remixing. You will also learn what successful music professionals are doing now, as well as look at how the industry has changed in the digital age and how it might develop in the future. 

Classes take place at The Rhythm Studio’s music academy within Kensington & Chelsea College. The purpose-built facilities include a state of the art recording studio, soundproofed rehearsal rooms and an iMac suite. Regular live events take place in our own performance space, at which students have the opportunity to engineer, perform and record. We also use top London music venues for live gigs throughout the year, and our students have been invited to perform further afield at major UK festivals, including Camp Bestival to Glastonbury.

The Rhythm Studio’s teaching team is made up of active music industry professionals. You will be taught by gigging musicians, songwriters, producers and engineers. Our school also has strong links within the music industry, from radio stations and record labels, to world famous performers, producers and DJs. Our patrons include Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, 6Music DJ Don Letts, Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie, and world renowned songwriter Guy Chambers, and former students at The Rhythm Studio include James David of 2016 UK chart-toppers Snakehips. RS Recordings, our in-house record label, allows students to experience and work with a real-life music enterprise as part of their studies.

In addition to the course units that make up your main qualification, students get assistance with Maths and English, alongside career advice and preparation for the world of work. All aspects of the course are tailored so that they are relevant to you as an emerging music professional. If you complete the course, you can progress onto a Level 3 Extended Diploma for Music Practitioners and prepare for university or apply for a job in the music industry. The course is designed especially for 16 to 18 year olds but all ages are welcome to apply.

To find out more and book a place at an open day, click here

Feltmakers award

Clare Bennett won the ‘Innovation Prize’ at the Worshipful Feltmakers of London Awards at Haberdashers Hall on the 1st April.

“The winning piece was developed from my current Level 2 C&G project ‘Wearing the Woodland’ which was written by my lecturer Harvey Santos. ‘My inspiration came from the natural  world, particularly ferns. I completed the Level 1 Millinery with Sally Wright at KCC last year and she encouraged me to apply for the Award.

I was delighted to win, but even more excited when internationally-renowned milliner Noel Stewart (previously a Millinery teacher at KCC) chose to wear my hat at the event. You can see him wearing it on his Instagram feed.

I travel all the way from Norfolk on Monday and stay overnight in London, just so I can come to my L2 Millinery class at KCC on Tuesdays. There’s nowhere that I could study this exciting discipline nearer to home. 

I was drawn to Millinery as I wanted a vehicle for my embroidery skills that was 3-Dimensional. I considered sculpture originally, but Millinery was ‘wearable sculpture’, so even better. 

If this was in Norfolk…I’d be studying on the 3 day per week HNC course here next year but will continue with short courses in the meantime!

I’m excited as it’s the first time I’m showing at the Norfolk Open studios which took place last week of May- 1st week June.
(NNOS open studios 2016! No.28)’ 

The Cass Factory

Students from the Level 2 Diploma Art and Design course enjoyed a day out in February taking part in “The Cass Factory”.  The event is held by Cass at London Metropolitan University and led by Marianne Forrest BA Course Leader for 3D Design Department and Lecturer Heidi Yeo. This annual event facilitates students in FE and Sixth Form colleges to take part in practical skills workshops taught by current BA students at Cass. 

Students are given a guided tour of the Cass facilities and their range of BA courses in the arts explained.  Opportunities for progression from FE to HE are discussed and since 2 of the current BA students teaching workshops started their studiers at KCC chatting about experiences was both relaxed and informative.

Workshops included forging, water casting, jig wire constructing, soldering and textiles.  Each student took part in the range of activities to produce works which were then assembled and mounted inside skeletal cube structures also custom made by each student.  Finally all of the cubes were assembled to form a large sculpture which was displayed in the gallery window at the Cass building at Aldgate East opposite the Whitechapel gallery.


KCC + Apprenticeship week = New Job Prospects

As part of National Apprenticeship week, Kensington and Chelsea College will have soon live vacancies. After a slight drop, apprenticeships are enjoying a huge role in developing the workforce of the future. This week will see five days of supporting apprenticeships and addressing how it can impact young people, businesses and the economy.  

The National Apprenticeship Service provides a good support system to employers offering free, expert advice and support to those looking to recruit apprentices for the first time, or grow their existing apprenticeship offering.

Numerous well-known people have started as apprentices. After leaving school, Gordon Ramsey began in a catering apprenticeship in various London restaurants. He has now appeared in numerous television shows and his net worth is over £150 million. Another example is Alexander McQueen who also began his prosperous career as an apprentice in a traditional row tailor. The experience he gained during his time as an apprentice enabled him to start off his own fashion brand.

At the college we have create and built a strong support networking to support all our student in the search for work. As a result one our student has been able to secure an apprenticeship with Warner Bros. helping them of all the visual activities such as the movie posters.

For information on our live vacancies 

2016 Arts Foundation Award

2016 Arts Foundation Award

Kensington and Chelsea College took part in the 2016 Arts Foundation Award. It’s was held at 20th Century theatre. The Art Found exist to help artists and celebrate the existence of art.  It featured Kathy Vones, who taught enamelling in the jewellery department at KCC in the past and has gone on to further her career. She’s is now doing a PHD whilst still teaching jewellery. Sadly for Kathy the award went to Vann Kwok but Kathy won £1,000 which was handed to her by guest speaker Sebastian Faulks.
The evening was attended by current Jewellery student (and former student of Kathy) Wendy Woolf and lecturer Jenny Macdonald.

2016 Art Foundation Photo



Library Week at Kensington and Chelsea College

In celebration of National Libraries Day, Kensington and Chelsea College Library held a number of activities during week 1-5 February.

Over 350 students and staff took part in the activities which included spin the wheel, prize draws, handmade bookmarks and stickers galore. The Library also celebrated Shakespeare by reading sonnets and holding book sales with reads for 50p.

Library Week at Kensington and Chelsea College is now officially over but what a great week it was!