Maths Functional Skills

These courses are for people who want to improve their maths skills either to help in their daily life or at work. Our friendly and supportive teachers will work with you to find out which skills you woud like to improve. There will be the opportunity to achieve a nationallly recognised qualification. You will need to attend an advice and guidance interview to ensure you are enrolled to the correct level for your needs.

Summer School – Lightroom to Photoshop

This is an intensive four-day course that will introduce you to Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Lightroom, being an easy-to-use photo management and editing software, will enable you to quickly import, manage and process your digital images. In our course you will get an in-depth understanding of Lightroom’s non-destructive editing and will learn how to effectively manage and fully optimize the look of your images. The first two days will provide you with the Lightroom skills to get methodical, organized and productive with your digital photography. This will cover:
• Import, name, copyright and keyword images
• Create ‘collections’ of images
• Process and develop RAW and JPEG files for optimal results
• Create ‘virtual copies’ of files with different edits
• Output your files in the appropriate size for print and web
At the third day you will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop in order to develop your post-production skills. You will learn how to use Photoshop’s key tools and a number of techniques to enhance and further manipulate your images. You will understand the basic features of the program, which will enable you to edit your photographs in a non-destructive way. You will learn a number of skills to retouch photographic images and create digital composites. This will cover:
• Introduction to the Toolbar
• Introduction to the Palettes
• Working with Layers
• Working with Adjustment Layers
• Working with Selections and Masks
• Simple retouching techniques
• Scaling and image size
• Non-destructive editing

Paediatric First Aid

The Paediatric First Aid course covers the following subjects:
• Prioritising the scene
• Unconscious baby and child
• Baby and child CPR
• Wounds and bleeds
• Choking baby and child
• Shock
• First aid kits and hygiene techniques
• Burns and scalds
• Anaphylaxis
• Objects in eyes, ears and nose
• Recording and reporting accidents

Digital Fashion

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most commonly used programs in the fashion industry. This course will introduce you to fashion using both computer aided design as well as traditional manual skills.
This short course will give you an overview of how CAD is used within fashion. You will discover the basics of the programme and then learn to create your own computer generated designs. You don’t need any previous experience or qualifications to join this course.

Specialist Fashion Techniques: Creative Pattern Cutting

For those with previous sewing experience, an opportunity to advance your pattern cutting skills by learning how to develop patterns for contemporary garments from work on the stand. Please bring a basic sewing kit, pencils, paper and scissors.

Making Videos with your Smart Phone

This course is aimed at helping you create quality short videos with little more than the smartphone in your pocket.
Taught by experienced film-makers, this course will cover:
• Framing your shot and capturing motion
• Filming from different angles and distances
• Creating the best sound
• Adding text to your film
• Editing using mobile apps including Shadow Puppet, Snapseed, Adobe Premiere Clip and i-Movie
There has never been a better time to hone your expertise in film. Use this course to use your smartphone more effectively or trade up to using more professional equipment.
Don’t miss this opportunity and enrol now as courses fill up fast. Take that vital first step towards a rewarding experience that will help you to make your own material or provide training in essential skills for a future career.
No prior experience needed.

Animation with Adobe After Effects

This course will provide you with the tools and the skills to begin creating animations using Adobe After Effects. You will learn animation basics including special effects, layers, shape layers, masks, text, keying and compositing, along with motion tracking.
Taught by an experienced animation professional, by the end of this course you will have learnt how to animate your video project using this industry-standard software.
Don’t miss this opportunity and enrol now as courses fill up fast. Take that vital first step towards learning a rewarding and creative skill.
Prior experience of using film editing software such as Adobe Premiere will be needed.

Photography – Level 2 Certificate

Have you ever been intrigued by the many buttons on your camera and baffled by the jargon in the instruction manual? If this is the case our level 2 photography programme is just right for you.
As well as learning about how to take control of your camera, you will be introduced to many other aspects of photography such as lighting, composition, traditional darkroom and digital editing. You will also be able to use our great resources and facilities in the process.
You will receive introductions to past and contemporary practices in photography to help you on the way to becoming a serious amateur or perhaps even a professional. In this respect you may be able to progress onto our more advanced programmes such as the National Diploma or the HNC.
Following your application you will be invited for an interview where you can get more detailed information and discuss your own requirements. You do not need to have a lot of previous experience in photography but it will be useful for you to discuss and demonstrate your interest in photography
Please note that in order to be considered for a place you need to have access to a DSLR camera and to have a good level of English & Maths. As this course leads to a qualification you will also need to dedicate an extra day per week for the completion of research and homework.

Improve your Grammar

This 10-week course will help you learn the rules of English grammar at FCE level (Cambridge First Certificate in English). It is suitable for those who have passed ESOL L1 or B2.Note that this course will not be preparing you for the FCE exam, but it is pitched at FCE level.