Gokhan Tanriover – Photography

After nearly two years working as a doctor, 28 year old Gokhan Tanriover made the life-changing decision to give up his medical career to embark on a career as a photographer and enrol on a fulltime photography course at Kensington and Chelsea College.

Gokhan discovered an eye for photography whilst training as a doctor and bought his first camera just before qualifying as a doctor.

With the support of his husband Gokhan made the decision to quit his job and through a twist of fate found an internship as a photographer the very same week he handed in his resignation. This was soon followed by a photography course at Kensington and Chelsea College, which helped Gokhan master the technical aspects of photography as well as developing the artistic side of it.

The tutors on the course are really great. They’re not just teaching as they still work as photographers and their career achievements are amazing. I liked the fact we are taught by established photographers.

Gokhans achievements have managed to land him 5 offers in BA Photography from 5 different universities.

The course at the college was perfect for me as it ensured I was technically proficient, helped me explore the artistic side of photography, and taught me how to earn a living as photographer. I’ve learnt so much through the course and can really see the improvement in the quality of my photos. It’s a luxury to do what you love in life, so if you know what that is you should just go for it. I really think it’s important to pursue what makes you happy because you only get one life.