Keivan Sarafan – Fine Art

Keivan Sarafan studied the HNC Fine Art course at Kensington and Chelsea College and completed his MA in Fine Art at the University of the Arts Camberwell College of Arts.

Keivan, a Management Consultant in the IT sector by profession, swapped his computer for a canvas after enrolling on a career changing art course at Kensington and Chelsea College.

After more than 20 years in the business world Keivan decided to have a career, initially spending his time on several art courses at Kensington and Chelsea College which served as a foundation for the HNC which he completed in June 2010. Although fine art courses were initially a hobby, he soon discovered that he had the passion and drive to pursue art as a new career.

I had no previous experience of art and the sector I worked in couldn’t have been more different to what I’m pursuing now. When I left my role as a management consultant I decided I wanted to try something different. About two years a go I signed up to my first art class at Kensington and Chelsea College and through the staff’s encouragement and support managed to progress up to the HNC level.

I really enjoyed my course. In many ways it’s far better than some of the other courses run in bigger universities where you end up being just another number in a big class. At KCC there is a good student tutor ratio which meant we regularly received one-to-one tutorials in our studio practice, as well as the normal group discussions and exhibitions.