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Higher National Diploma in Photography

This Higher Education course aims to develop you as a professional photographer and for you to progress either to employment, independent studio practise or higher level studies. Emphasis throughout the year is on developing independent research, practical studio work, exhibiting work and to continue acquiring creative, contextual and technical skills. We feel this course of study provides a complimentary and developmental pathway in Photography, building on practical experience, subject knowledge and personal expression to produce a sustainable conceptual framework for professional practise.

Higher National Certificate in Photography

Higher National Certificate Photography

Higher National Certificate (HNC) Photography provides a broad introduction to a wide range of photographic practices. The course is intensive and offers an overview into professional practice, editorial and fine art photography. The HNC can be used as a stepping stone to place you in a very strong position when applying for undergraduate or even post graduate studies at a later date.

Commitment to study at the college is for two days a week for 30 weeks in the academic year. Over the year you will build on your knowledge by studying a number of different course units. Some units are more theoretical and will contextualise different photographic approaches against a background of historical and political relevance. Other units explore more practical aspects of photography such as studio lighting, digital postproduction and analogue photography. The broad variety of units will allow you to discover and explore the area of photography you are particularly passionate about. The HNC team will provide the support and career guidance to enable you to pursue that passion professionally.

To do this course you will need to have completed, or have knowledge equivalent to our level 3 BTEC Diploma in Photography. The HNC requires a lot of self-motivation as you will need the determination to work independently. The course is supported by a well-equipped studio, black and white darkroom and digital facilities. It is taught by a strong team of experienced tutors and professional photographers who will offer a creative environment for you to develop your photographic futures.

UAL Diploma in Art and Design – Interior Design & Architecture – Level 2

This course runs over 2 days per week – Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00 to 4:00 (3 days for students who are under 19)

This course in interior design and architecture gives you the opportunity to explore the vast subject of Interior Design and Architecture.
Based in our specialist design studios you will work on projects that mirror those in industry, taught by experienced interior designers and architects. The course also includes visits to museums, comprehensive careers advice and for Under-19s teaching in English, maths and ICT.
You will explore through a series of exciting and challenging projects how to work to a brief, survey and plan small to medium-scale residential and retail spaces. You will experience the process of creativity through testing ideas, architectural model making, freehand and orthographic drawing, styling with colour and materials, photography and computer-aided design drawing. Discovering what other designers are doing now and in the past will underpin each project.
On completing the course you can choose to progress onto the Level 3 Diploma, present your completed portfolio for university, or apply for one of the many jobs in the design industry.
Adults will be required to attend for 2 days a week and Under-19s for three days per week.

Foundation Learning in Graphics, Media, Design & Craft Skills

This course provides a foundation for 16-24 students whose current level of skills development; specific learning difficulties or disabilities; or levels of literacy and/or numeracy require further improvement before they can be successfully accepted onto Level 2 study.
It combines the development an underpinning set of skills and knowledge, which can be transferred into any employment situation, and the completion of an with the opportunity to develop practical skills in one, or more, of the following areas.
• Audio & Video production
• Craft skills (Ceramics & Jewellery)
• Interior Design & Drawing
• Graphic Design
Students will usually have one, or more, of the following at entry –
• Have attained GCSE English and maths at Grade 1, or 2
• Have a documented Learning Difficulty or Disability which may be supported by an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
• Have limited/no experience of vocational study in their chosen area
For adult learners who are over the age of 24 (or over 19 without an EHCP) an alternative opportunity exists within the College’s Adult & Community Learning programme.

Diploma in Creative Digital Media Production (Web Design & Graphics) UAL – Level 2

This course has been developed to give you skills relevant to a variety of media areas including Web Design, Photography, Research Techniques, Audio, and Graphics. You will begin by learning about how the design process works through the study of research techniques, planning methods and developmental skills. You will then implement the software to create a digital project based around web design and graphics. In the second term you will study digital photography, web animation techniques and sound, and you will develop the skills covered in term one. In the third term you will create a personal project that will encompass a range of skills and techniques learned in the first two terms.

Throughout the three terms the course covers a wide range of digital media techniques including Research, Design Development, Digital Graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Digital Photography, Web Banner creation, Web Development (WordPress, Dreamweaver).

Projects will provide you with skills and understanding in various areas but will also allow the flexibility for you to develop your own personal style. This will provide you with a varied body of work that will build into an excellent digital portfolio ready for application onto higher-level courses.

UAL Diploma in Creative Media Production Level 3 (Multimedia, Video and Audio)

The level 3 diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to access and progress to degree level study or employment in the media sector.
This course is a refreshing and exciting pathway in to design and media. It has been designed to provide specialist opportunities for students looking to get in to media areas such as video production, visual effects, audio production, sound effects, photography, studio lighting, web design, photo retouching, documentary film making, short film and video making, video editing. All this is then packaged in to a portfolio for you to use as a platform to promote yourself and apply for higher education, apprenticeships or employment. This course provides a firm basis for higher education and we have achieved some of the best success rates in London and the UK.

BTEC Diploma in Art and Design Level 3 – Graphic Design

The National Diploma in Graphic Design incorporates twelve challenging and exciting units of project-based work that lead to a substantial portfolio of skills to take to interview for further education or to employment application. This course is taught over three days per week for one year and includes workshops and group tutorials. You will benefit from the study of a wide range of activities including typography, poster design and publication design, computer aided graphic design, professional studio practice and packaging design alongside the development of drawing and visual communication skills. From the thumbnail sketch through to high quality finished artwork; students are encouraged to develop responsive and original solutions to sets of design issues. All projects and briefs are taught within the context of professional practice and reinforced with visits to galleries and design studios. Communication skills, energy and commitment are essential qualities needed to achieve on this challenging course and previous experience in some areas of the course would be useful. Applicants will need to bring examples of their work to interview.

UAL Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design – Graphic Design

This course is designed to cover the fundamental skills relevant to Graphic Design, including drawing development, a variety of art based tasks designed to increase your creative thinking, basic typography, elements of design, and computer skills. It is a project based ‘hands-on’ course that will encourage you to develop ideas and practical skills to enable you to design a range of graphic design ‘pieces’.

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to develop your drawing and making skills through a wide range of classroom activities. You will investigate the elements of Graphic Design and will spend time learning some software application skills from the Adobe Creative Suite. In term one, through the study of design concepts, and the implementation of the software you will create a digital project based around a given topic. In the second term you will develop your skills to create more complex work on a given topic. In the third term you will choose a subject around which to develop a self-initiated project to best showcase your skills.

Throughout the course you will cover a wide range of Art and Design techniques including drawing with a variety of mediums over a range of subject and methods, colour theory, line, tone, texture etc., packaging basics, page layout, typography, size/scale etc. You will develop sketchbook work every term as a basis of presenting your work for assessment and, and use digital graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) to develop your designs and ideas.

Projects will provide you with skills and understanding in various areas but will also allow the flexibility for you to develop your own personal style. This will provide you with a varied body of work that will build into a portfolio suitable for application onto higher-level courses.

BTEC Diploma in Art and Design Level 3 – Interior Design and Architecture

An intensive one year course, where you will learn interior spatial design and styling to give you the skills and experience to develop as a creative Interior Designer. Through practical projects, you will learn how to develop and create a concept for an interior from designing the space to styling it with colour, pattern and texture, visualizing your ideas using computer aided design and model-making. We will introduce you to design methods and technical skills, leading to 3-dimensional thinking and analysis. Projects will range from domestic, to commercial interiors in the local area. At the end of this course, many students progress onto the Higher National Certificate in Interior Architecture at KCC, a degree course in Architecture /Interior Design or employment.

CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) (QCF)

This one year advanced level course takes place at Chelsea Centre two days a week – Thursday and Friday. You will study all aspects of early years practice from keeping children safe to legislation and theoretical perspectives.

Work placement

You will be required to complete 350 hours in placement or work ( 12 hours or 2 days a week), you need to demonstrate competence in work with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, you will be supported in achieving this. You will also undertake a longitudinal study of two children from 2 different age ranges.

What background and qualifications do you need?

You need good English to take the course, and a level 2 in early years or its equivalent.

What does the course lead to?

The course gives you a ‘license to practice’ which means you can work unsupervised and manage or lead a room or setting. After one year of practice you can apply for the Advanced practitioner level 4 or the Foundation Degree in early years.

Where will I study?

See Campus / Times Details above

What are the facilities and equipment like?

The course is run in a dedicated classroom. It has computers for all students to use. You can also bring in your laptop. The college has a library/study centre where you can work in silence or small groups. You also have access to its books and ebooks.

How much should I study outside class?

You should be studying around 15 hours outside class contact time. Certain times of the year may mean you have to study for longer hours. Students who do best work many hours on assignments outside the classroom.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed throughout the year. There are 20 assessed assignments. These could be an essay, report, or a presentation or piece of group work . All pieces of work are at level 3.

You will be assessed in your placement or work by our professional assessor to ensure you are implementing the best practice you are learning in college. You will have 4 asse