Africana Studies

Access to Higher Education Diploma: Africana Studies

Key Course Information

Level 3 Discount available

Course Overview:

Africana Studies is a field of study that focusses on an interdisciplinary and critical examination of Africa, her diaspora and the wider-world. It has been designed as an extension of our African and Caribbean Studies Module (available on Social Science and Social Science and Humanities pathways) which is the only Access to HE module of its type in Europe. Significantly, its development is also a response to the limited accredited African/black related courses in the UK. Whilst there are university degrees that focus on African/black related studies there are no subject specific Access to HE diplomas available. As such, KCC are excited to announce a diploma that will transform the British educational landscape.

African diaspora

The overarching aim of the diploma is to provide learners with a broad foundation and deeper-contextualisation of the contributions of Africa and Africans to humanity, the rich and diverse cultural landscape of the continent and the continuity of Africa in the Americas. Learners will navigate through a plethora of materials to expand upon the normative discourse of African/black history in order to form a critical analysis on the cultural, political, economic and social factors that have shaped the African/black experience both historically and contemporarily.  

The Africana Studies diploma leads to a nationally recognised Access to HE qualification that enables students to progress onto level 4 studies. It is intended for students who wish to study African/black related or Humanities and Social Science degrees at University but do not currently meet entry requirements.


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