Cyanotype Images

Key Course Information

The Cyanotype process was developed in 1842 by the scientist John Herschel.
One of the first people to use the cyanotype process was Anna Atkins, photographically illustrating her book ”British Algae: in Cyanotype impressions” 1843 with Cyanotypes.
Step by step guidance will be given on mixing the chemicals & coating techniques, first on to watercolour paper & later on to fabric. Once coated, paper and fabric is then exposed to a UV light source to produce a chemical reaction and then washed in water.
You can use found objects or make digital negatives to create ‘original’ prints on paper as well as design your own seat & cushion covers!
This course would be suitable for students with some basic experience of black & white printing in a darkroom. Instruction on how to make digital negatives from digital imagery will be included.


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