Access to Higher Education: Africana Studies

Key Course Information

Level 3 Discount available

Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary and critical examination of Africa, her diaspora and the wider world. It has been designed as an extension to our African and Caribbean Studies Module which is available on Social Science and Social Science and Humanities pathways. The Africana Studies diploma and the African and Caribbean studies module are the only level 3 subject specific academic modules/qualifications of their type in Europe, and have been developed in response to the limited accredited African/black related courses in the UK.

The course will provide you with a broad foundation and deeper-contextualisation of the contributions of Africa and Africans to humanity, the rich and diverse cultural landscape of the continent and the continuity of Africa in the Americas.

The diploma is made up of four mandatory modules (4 classes per week), and contents include:-

  • African Studies: examines Africa as the cradle of humanity and mother of civilization, pre-and post-colonial history including Maafa (the transAtlantic Slave Trade) and its consequences on the continent; African spiritual systems and resistance to European imperialism (historical and contemporary).
  • Diasporic Studies: the forced migration of Africans to the Americas, resistance to it and the continuity of Africa in the Caribbean landscape; the work of African/black intellectuals and radicals of the Americas, and the socio-cultural movements that have emerged in the 20th and 21st century; the African/black presence and socio-cultural influence in Europe.
  • Introduction to Humanities and Social Science: an introduction to disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, sociology and politics.
  • Study Skills: developing your academic discipline and effectiveness, in preparing a UCAS application and in producing an academic research project.

Who is this course for?

• Those who wish to broaden their intellectual horizons by focusing on aspects of human and cultural development otherwise rendered invisible.
• Anyone who seeks to expand upon the normative ‘black history’ discourse in mainstream curricula.
• If you are of African descent, this is a unique opportunity for you to explore your heritage and identity, and gain a qualification whilst doing so.
• If you are not of African descent and plan to work in the social/public sector, this course will provide you with an expansive understanding of the factors that shape the African/black experience globally.

Progression: numerous African/black related degree programmes in the UK, which include SOAS and Birmingham University. Other Humanities and Social Science disciplines are widely available.
Entry Requirements: English GCSE Grades A-C and Maths GCSE Grades A-D


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