Introduction to Filmmaking, Sound and Editing

Key Course Information

Key Course Information

Are you a budding filmmaker, or a passionate film-fan? This course will give you all you need to take those first steps in making your own film; or enhance your appreciation of a skill that is now accessible to anyone with a smartphone.
Taught by experienced film-makers, this course will cover:
• Essentials of script writing
• Basic film techniques
• Directing
• Lighting dos and don’ts
• Creating sound
• Editing
• Post production

By the end of the course you will have gained knowledge, understanding and expertise in:
• Writing and editing scripts
• The different roles in filmmaking
• Framing a shot with your phone or with a DSLR camera
• The difference between a “story” and a topic, or theme
• How to create a storyboard
• The ability to capture sound
• Why film needs lighting
• Editing using smartphone apps and Adobe Premiere Pro CC
• Essentials of directing
There has never been a better time to hone your expertise in film. Use this course to film using your smartphone or use more professional equipment.
Don’t miss this opportunity and enrol now as courses fill up fast. Take that vital first step towards a rewarding experience that will help you to make your own material or provide training in essential skills for a future career.
No prior experience needed.


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