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Darkroom: Black and White Printing Workshop

Key Course Information

Watching your prints appear under the red darkroom lights is a truly magical experience that you will never forget!

In our well-equipped black & white wet darkroom, students who have never used a darkroom before will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of black & white printing while others, who already have some darkroom experience will be encouraged to learn more advanced techniques.

This workshop based course will include making photograms, contact sheets, printing on multi contrast resin-coated paper with multi-grade filters, processing film, as well as dodging and burning.

The course will allow all learners at whatever level, to work at their own pace to build on their printing and film developing skills. Participants should bring either black & white negatives or unprocessed black & white film with them to the first class.

We are able to sell small quantities of black & white paper so you do not need to buy any ahead of the course.

Some feedback from our students:

” Excellent course, facilities at the College were great – a huge darkroom. I managed to achieve all my learning objectives and more”


“I had never been in a darkroom before this course and now I feel confident of printing and developing my own black & white films”



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