Certificate in Photography Part 1

Key Course Information

This new programme provides a thorough and exciting introduction to the techniques of photographic image capture on location, as well as in the photographic studio. It is designed for anyone who would like to discover the potential of their camera beyond the automatic mode, and the possibilities of working with studio lighting. The course will cover camera skills (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, WB), basic studio lighting techniques (tungsten and flash), as well as digital post-production (Adobe Lightroom).

Although this course does not lead to a qualification, you will be encouraged to complete a series of set tasks independently in order to develop your creativity, consolidate your learning and put your new skills into practice. You will get weekly feedback on the work produced, throughout the course. The course runs one day a week for 7 weeks. Once you complete the Foundations part 1 you will be able to continue and join the Foundations part 2. At the end of both parts, you will have the confidence to pursue the study of photography on our level 2 programme, National Diploma or even the HNC.

Part 2: In this continuation of the programme you will get a more thorough understanding of exposure control and studio lighting, while you will have the opportunity to use our traditional b/w darkroom. The digital component will extend from Adobe Lightroom to Adobe Photoshop.


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