UAL Diploma in Art & Design

Key Course Information

Level 3 Discount available

The KCC Art & Design Level 3 pathway integrated with Foundation Preparation offers motivated learners the opportunity to develop their art and design portfolios for successful entry to the Level 4 Foundation Course and other art courses at KCC or University.

The course is structured with units which cover an introduction to: Visual language, Research skills, Critical and Contextual awareness, Materials, Processes and Technical skills. Using Drawing, Painting, 3D Sculpture, Printmaking and Photography.

Further units integrate diverse approaches to making art and developing personal projects.

The course is project based and students are given encouragement and support to develop their personal ideas. There is also a strong commitment to the development of drawing skills as a tool for the communication of ideas. The Level 3 ensures that students develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence required to work independently and to direct their own learning. The course also provides opportunities for those who are intrigued and motivated by art and design to explore, develop and test their creativity within a structured programme. Our aim is to provide a sound base of skills and knowledge, while enhancing self-confidence and revealing the potential career opportunities within the sector.


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