Foundation Learning in Graphics, Media, Design & Craft Skills

Key Course Information

This course provides a foundation for 16-24 students whose current level of skills development; specific learning difficulties or disabilities; or levels of literacy and/or numeracy require further improvement before they can be successfully accepted onto Level 2 study.
It combines the development an underpinning set of skills and knowledge, which can be transferred into any employment situation, and the completion of an with the opportunity to develop practical skills in one, or more, of the following areas.
• Audio & Video production
• Craft skills (Ceramics & Jewellery)
• Interior Design & Drawing
• Graphic Design
Students will usually have one, or more, of the following at entry –
• Have attained GCSE English and maths at Grade 1, or 2
• Have a documented Learning Difficulty or Disability which may be supported by an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
• Have limited/no experience of vocational study in their chosen area
For adult learners who are over the age of 24 (or over 19 without an EHCP) an alternative opportunity exists within the College’s Adult & Community Learning programme.


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