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Our painting & drawing courses aim to provide something for everyone.

For the beginner who wants to learn about a new expressive medium or for the more experienced practitioner who wants the chance to experiment and find constructive criticism. Our courses allow for beginners and experienced practitioners to work together exploring different painting materials, techniques and subject disciplines.

Drawing is an essential skill that underpins all of our artistic and creative endeavours. Drawing allows us to be expressive and descriptive, to explore and to communicate. We offer a range of drawing classes that will allow you to investigate drawing practice with guidance and support. Our drawing courses are grounded in established practice but embrace innovation and experimentation.

Life drawing and painting classes give learners the opportunity to study and work from the human figure and explore different mediums, materials and techniques. Drawing from the figure can inspire many different forms of artistic inquiry; from an exploration of identity to an understanding of human physicality. Observation, composition, measuring and expression are key elements and poses are also given an historical reference and context.

No particular school or philosophy of art governs our course provision except a commitment to the excellence of the learning experience.

Art materials are not included in the course fee but basic materials can be purchased from the college at reasonable prices. Any extra costs will be indicated in the course outline or at interview and advice sessions. (Please note that for life drawing classes a nude model is used.)

Painting and Drawing COURSES

Painting and Drawing Courses

How To Draw From the Model: Technique & Process

  • Campus: Chelsea

In a critical and supportive environment this course will encourage the development of individual expressive interpretation when working from the life model. Through a series of drawing activities and exercises this course will...

Painting and Drawing Courses

Explore Watercolour

  • Campus: Chelsea

This course will provide the student with a wide range of techniques, old and new, to produce the excitement and satisfaction of creating a successful watercolour painting. Explore Watercolour will demonstrate ways to...

Painting and Drawing Courses

Introduction to Drawing from the Life Model

  • Campus: Chelsea

Through a series of drawing activities and exercises this course will focus upon developing the necessary skills and techniques for observational drawing with the life model as subject. The formal concerns of line,...