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Understanding Art


Alongside Art practice there is an abundance of information and theory..

There are probably as many interpretations and explanations of Art, its practice and its manifest objects as there are artists. Under this heading we hope to offer a range of courses that will provide insight and understanding for those who wish to explore the contexts in which Art evolves, is made and exhibited.Water

Guided visits to contemporary exhibitions will aim to provide an expanded view of what the curator of today considers viable as marketable artefact or ground breaking conceptualisation.

Lectures and seminars, often associated with exhibitions, will give an opportunity for direct interaction with artists talking about their artwork, its development and presentation.

Outside practice courses and workshops will explore Art History and Theory through associated practical activity beyond the studio in museums or the high street.

The information and theory explored under the heading of Understanding Art will support study in our other subject discipline areas of Sculpture, Photography and Printmaking. Learning how to paint and draw, studies in watercolour or even digital photography will all benefit from having some contextual background to support your practical experimentation.

Understanding Art COURSES