2 weeks, 10 sessions and better English!

If English is not your main language, come and improve your language skills at our ESOL summer courses. We have two types of courses to choose from: General English and Pronunciation.

The general English course is aimed at Intermediate level and the Pronunciation course is aimed at more advanced levels.

Both types of courses are two weeks and they are intensive, Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm.  

Our supportive and experienced tutors will help build your confidence and develop the skills you need to grow your level of English.

Look at each course area for specific details of times and dates.

If you are not sure about your level of English or would like more information about the courses, come to one of our Advice and Initial Assessment sessions (Fridays, 2-4pm) or contact the tutors directly:

Nuria Inglada: n.inglada@kcc.ac.uk
Peter Galanakis: p.galanakis@kcc.ac.uk

English Summer School COURSES