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Caroline Reed – Glass

Caroline’s work will now be showcased in the ‘New Graduate Review’ in September 2018. Caroline was a winner in the ‘Commended’ area. Caroline was one of only a few students from a College, as most entries were from University graduates.  

When speaking about her course at the College, Caroline said:

“Having completed my Level 2 course at KCC I was keen to attend the Level 3 course. I wanted to build on the techniques I learnt the previous year and have time to find my own particular style – the assignments gave me that opportunity. My tutor was supportive and encouraged me to explore new ways of working (as did my colleagues on the course). The course has helped me build my confidence as an artist. I am now sharing a studio in South West London and I have some of my work in two London exhibitions. I’d never have imagined doing this two years ago.”

Please check out Caroline’s website:

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Hannah Cevik: Interior Design Internship

Hannah Cevik has just finished the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in 3D Design – Interior and Spatial Design and is now going into full time work.

“Through my time at Kensington and Chelsea College,   was able to pick up key skills such as Photoshop, Vector works and 3D Model Making. This enabled me to secure a 3-month internship with an interior design company where I am helping to develop and create a whole interior concept, from designing the space to styling it with colour, pattern and texture, using computer aided design and model-making.”

My advice to students would be to: ‘Work hard at what you believe in. Confidence is key and showcase your personality and enthusiasm.’

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Dawn James 1st Prize V&A ‘Inspired By’

Out of nearly 400 national applicants, 3 of KCC’s Design students were selected to exhibit their Ceramics and Glass work as part of the V&A’s ‘Inspired By’ Adult Learners competition and exhibition.

Dawn James was one of 9 Prize-winners on the opening night, winning the overall national Glass prize for her piece based on her ‘Rhythm’ project.

‘I was in such a state of shock when they called my name out that I can’t remember much about getting up on stage to collect my prize. All of my hard work over the last two years has been worth it, I have learnt so much since I started my glass courses at KCC’.

The exhibition continues until 17th June at Morley Gallery. Please see the work of our other selected exhibitors: Rebecca Laister & Yuri Popov too. 

Sonal Visram

Student Showcase

Interior Design

‘Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move.
Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are acculated along the way’ (Allan Rufus)

Sonal Visram our level 3 interior design student has gone on to secure industry experience with Oliver Talibot.

Our BTEC Certificate In Art And Design Level 3 – 3D Interior Design ensures that you can learn about different design approach, 3d thinking and also develop core critical thinking skills to apply to your place of work.

To find out more about how she got to this point we held a Q&A

Describe KCC in 3 words?

Development, growth and nurturing

Talk me through your course?

The course has shown me how to develop my creativity & design a space by the use of scale and perspective drawings, colour & material. In doing this I was able to find my pathway to become a interior designer. 

How helpful was your tutor?

She was really supportive, helpful and encouraging me to explore a variety of work for inspire. Additionally with her leadership I was able to grow and create a strong portfolio that I could prevent to a range of companies that lead me to gaining work experience.

Final Words?

Thanks to the college for offering me guidance and support in exploring my career options and building the confidence to gain some industry experience.

Aramatou Toure – ESOL & Fashion

Former ESOL student-turned-Model Aramatou Toure has a bright future in Fashion and says it’s all thanks to the help and support she received at the College.

Originally from the Ivory Coast, Aramatou joined the College 7 years ago. Not knowing any English, she enrolled on an ESOL course, where she learnt to speak and write English.

“I have improved my English a great deal and write and speak it confidently and that has boosted my self-esteem, which is important to have in life.”
Aramatou Toure

7 years on, Aramatou has gained enough confidence to embark on a career in modelling – entering and number of competitions including the prestigious Miss Borough UK Competition.

She has also thrived academically; progressing onto a number of Fashion Courses including Pattern Cutting and Garment making. And with goals of becoming a Fashion Designer in the future, Aramatou is well on her way to a flourishing career in the Fashion Industry.

“Studying at the College has really helped me become the confident Model I am today. I would definitely recommend taking a course at Kensington and Chelsea College.”
Aramatou Toure

Marie Abouo – Hairdressing

A little while ago Marie Abouo was working as a shop assistant at Sainsbury’s. Today she is working for one of West London’s top salons with an award winning hairdresser, and it’s all thanks to a hairdressing course at Kensington and Chelsea College.

“Going to College and studying hairdressing has completely changed my life!”
Marie Abouo

Marie was given an opportunity through the College’s Hair and Beauty Department to meet award winning celebrity stylist, Charlotte Mensah.

Having impressed Charlotte, Marie was given an opportunity to work two days-a-week in Charlotte’s Salon in the heart of Portobello, West London.

The College supported Marie in the job opportunity whilst she continues to develop her technical skills on the College’s hairdressing course.

Students get so many opportunities at the College. The tutors are always pushing their students to be their best. They really are wonderful and always full of encouragement, especially those moments when you doubt yourself.


The tutors introduce you to contacts in the industry, give employment advice and teach you the skills to become a fantastic hairdresser! I love the fact we are taught by people who are still working in the industry so they know their stuff! My class is like a family. I’m totally addicted to learning at the College!

Thierry Kelaart – Jewellery

Despite a high-powered career in politics and journalism, Thierry Kelaart, 31, says she has always been destined to be a jeweller following a ‘fascinating meeting’ with a gifted silversmith when she was just a teenager.

I was first introduced to silversmithing and jewellery making as a teenager during a family holiday in Devon. We spent an afternoon with a local silversmith called Mr Geldhart, and I remember being absolutely fascinated by his work and tools. He was an incredibly inspiring man, but sadly I only ever got the opportunity to meet him that once.

My tutors are brilliant. They’re very skilled and still work as designers! What I most love about the course is that we get to study art for part of it. The art side helps me explore my ideas and inspire new work. I’m doing something I really love, which makes a career so much more fulfilling.

Sunmisola Williams – Hairdressing

Sunmisola Williams is a level 3 Hairdressing student at Kensington and Chelsea College. The 20-year-old was originally pursuing a career as an athlete and training as a professional runner but decided to change direction after discovering hairdressing in her late teens.

I was still training to be a professional runner when I took up a hairdressing class and fell in love with it! For a while I was training and also trying to pursue a career in hairdressing, but I decided to give up running in the end as my passion really lay with hairdressing. I wanted to give it my full attention.

Sunmisola’s biggest achievements in hairdressing so far include working on London Fashion Week, creating a hairstyle inspired by the London Olympics which gained media attention during London 2012 and styling the hair for the hosts at the Screen Nation Film and Television Awards 2014.

The course and College is fantastic at providing industry work opportunities. It means we get to start networking whilst on the course so that when we finish we already have contacts to approach.

Nozima Saidjanova – Fashion

Nozima Saidjanova studies a Level 3 fashion course at Kensington and Chelsea College to achieve her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. The ambitious 20-year-old started out on a series of art and design courses at the College to improve her drawing techniques before moving on to fashion.

I wanted to get into fashion and I really liked the area that the College was based. It has a reputation as having good quality teaching and it seemed really friendly.

Throughout her studies Nozima has been supported by the College’s Study Support Team as she is deaf and uses British Sign Language.

I use a College sign language interpreter for all of my classes, as well as a weekly one-to-one session which supports my in-class learning. My interpreter helped me to settle in and gain confidence.
It’s always nerve-wracking starting a new course and a new college, especially when you rely on sign language to communicate. The interpreter would help and encourage me to interact; also they would intervene if I was struggling to understand what someone was saying, or had a challenging situation.
When I started at the College I felt very shy. I have more confidence now and have made friends over the last 2 years. I feel I am more assertive and happy to say if I’m struggling to communicate.

Arthur Sinclair – Fashion

Arthur had worked previously as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym before being made redundant. Needing to retrain he learned how to sew – something that, as a child, he had often seen his mother do. He started by doing garment alterations at home, building up to making trousers and waistcoats. Wishing to develop his skills as a designer as well as his technical skills, he applied for the National Diploma in Fashion and Clothing – his first ever fashion course.

He also studied Functional Skills English in conjunction with the National Diploma in Fashion and is now looking forward to studying BA Bespoke Tailoring at the London College of Fashion. Arthur hopes to make his own mark on the industry with his very own fashion label.

The college, teachers and students are all great! It has helped me to be more creative, to use my time doing creative things. If it wasn’t for the college, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The college has improved my life a lot.