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Introduction to After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects is used primarily for creating motion graphics and visual effects, as well as in film and TV opening sequences and trailers. This four-week course is designed for people wanting to understand the basic parameters of this industry standard. The program contains a series of engaging tutor demonstrations and practical exercises that give you the chance to apply your learning to live projects.

This is a beginner level course for video artists, filmmakers and graphic designers looking to gain an understanding of Adobe After Effects.

No prior knowledge of Adobe After Effects is required. Experience using CC platforms such as Photoshop or Illustrator will be useful but is not essential.

Digital Video Editing with Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC has fast become the industry standard software for video editing, both in businesses and in post-production houses. This is due to its flexibility, cross-platform compatibility, and intuitive design. This course will enable beginners to become proficient in its use and in applying its techniques.
The course will cover the video editing process from start to finish. Through instructor-led demonstrations and exercises, you will learn how to edit a short promotional video or film using a variety of media, adding video effects and titles and finally exporting your finished video. You will be provided footage in class to edit, including a short dramatic scene, a music video, a short documentary, and a trailer for a major motion picture.
This is a beginner’s course, designed for people with little or no knowledge of video editing or of Premiere CC.

Beginners Introduction to WordPress

This course will teach you how to build your own WordPress website from scratch. This could be a blog, a personal or business web site. The course includes understanding the basics of website architecture and design, how to upload text, images, sound and video; embedding payment systems and working with social media. This is a beginners course designed for people with little or no knowledge of web design or WordPress.

RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Production & Business

The course is designed specifically for students aged 16 yrs+ who are interested in pursuing a career in the music business. Students should have previous experience in music production at Level 2 or above and bring a portfolio of existing work to the interview.

RSL Level 2 Diploma in Music Production & Business

The primary focus of the course is to equip students with practical skills for a career in the music industry. Units include Organising A Music Event, Music Marketing & Promotion, Music Sequencing & Production, Sound Recording, Podcast Production and Remixing. You will also learn what successful music professionals are doing now, as well as looking at how the industry has changed in the digital age and how it might develop in the future.

RSL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music Production & Business

The primary focus of the course is to equip students with practical skills for a career in the music industry. Units include Setting Up A Music Business, Creating A Sample Library and Studio Sound Recording, Mixing & Mastering. Students will acquire valuable skills that will help them develop as music industry professionals of the future. The course is designed specifically for 16-19 year olds with previous experience in music production at Level 2 equivalent or above.

Level 1 UAL Diploma in Art & Design

Kensington and Chelsea College offers a level 1 full-time pathway in Video Production and Multimedia. This Level 1 Diploma for Creative iMedia course is for anyone with little or no knowledge in Video Production or Multimedia, and wishing to learn vocational skills in this exciting subject area. Successful students will have the opportunity to progress to the Digital Media Level 2 Pathway to develop skills for future employment. Students will learn production techniques using video cameras, photography, editing software and recording studio technology. Whilst studying on the course students will learn and explore the creative media sector and conduct research for media projects.

Course Content: Pre-Production Skills, Creating a Digital Audio-Visual Sequence, Special Video Effects, Sound Effects, Creating an Animated Object, Digital Graphics Editing, Photographic Techniques and Application Web Authoring.

Diploma in Creative Digital Media Production (Web Design & Graphics) UAL – Level 2

This full-time course will cover digital graphics, web design, word-press, digital photography, and print based media. It will explore; advertising, web page creation, page layout and graphic design techniques. All subjects are taught within the context of professional practice and reinforced with visits to galleries/design studios.

Course Content: Web Authoring and Design, Photography for Media Products, Graphic Design for Media Products, Print-Based Advertising Media, Print Media Production, Research Skills for Media.