Photography Courses in London

Photography Courses

We offer a large range of photography courses in London at our Chelsea Centre. We have beginners, intermediate and advanced courses, some leading to a photography qualification. These run part time, evening and full time (including our highly regarded full time BTEC National Diploma in Photography). Additionally, we offer holiday photography courses in Greece. Our tutors are highly experienced photography practitioners offering a unique insight into the photography medium, their work is visible using the Staff Profiles link. We have well equipped studios, see resources below.

Short Courses In Photography

We have both beginners and introductory digital photography courses as well as more advanced digital photography courses which are offered both during the day and in the evening. We have studio based photography lighting courses dealing with portraiture, and a unique photography studio to darkroom course. Additionally, we run a range of photographic darkroom based courses including introductory darkroom workshops and advanced darkroom printing. We also run short alternative processes courses and one off darkroom courses at a variety of levels. At the digital post production end, we offer Photoshop for photographers.

Do take a look at the short courses in photography we have on offer, there is detailed information on each course, and others are being added all the time, so do return to this page.

Part Time Level 1 Photography Courses

Our most basic introductory course in Photography is offered as a one day per week short course, or a half day course offered during the day or in the evening. This leads to a BTEC Level 1 Award in Photography and prepares you for the next level. These courses cover camera skills, basic lighting, darkroom and digital editing.

A factsheet for this course is with the course listing.

Full Time Level 2 Diploma in Photography

New for this year is our Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Photography. This takes you on from the level 1 courses and prepares you for the next level. A variety of units are offered at level 2 including Studio, Experimental Techniques (including Darkroom) and Location. Full details are in the Factsheet. This course would really suit you if you are just starting out and were not very confident yet. Completion of a level 1 course is useful, but not essential.


We are a well resourced department.

The photography studio has Elinchrom studio flash, Hi-Glide lighting support, radio triggers and meters. The studio also has medium format film cameras for students use.

In the photography digital suite we have Apple Mac computers (running Photoshop and Bridge), Eizo colour managed monitors and film scanners.

The photography darkroom has enlargers for 35mm and medium format film and printing on resin coated as well as fibre papers, film processing and film scanners all in the same facility.

Students from our courses regularly go on to higher education or become working freelance photographers, an achievement indeed in a very competitive environment.

If you are interested in anything photographic, we may have the course for you.

Photography Courses starting soon:

Courses and Fees

  • Level 2 Diploma in Photography ( 15TFP105 )

    Level 2

    This is a new Level 2 Diploma in Photography which gives you a basic grounding in a range of areas. There are six units, which start with a techniques unit and go through studio, location, experimental, digital ending up with a major project on following a brief (full details of each unit are in the Factsheet). You will learn all the basics and be ready to apply for our Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Photography in the following year. This is the first step to getting to university to study photography and becoming a professional.

    Application required Level 2 Discount Available Level 2 Discount Available
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    15TFP105-01 Chelsea Centre 07 Sep 15 35 Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00-16:30 N Sianni & Team
  • BTEC National Diploma in Photography ( 15TFP110 )

    Level 3

    The National Diploma course in Photography is an intensive 1 year course which covers digital and analogue imaging, portraiture, landscape, documentary and fashion. You will do studio, darkroom and digital work which will give you the basic toolkit to become a working photographer or move forward towards a higher level course such as an HNC or BA in Photography. Taught by a strong team of working freelance photographers, the course is supported by a well-equipped studio, black and white darkroom and digital facilities. Although completion of previous photography courses is an advantage, it is not essential for this course but you will need a strong portfolio and a good grasp of the basic techniques in photography.

    Application required Level 3 Discount Available Level 3 Discount Available
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    15TFP110-01 Chelsea Centre 08 Sep 15 34 Tue/Wed/Thu 10:00-16:00 B Tanner & Team

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  • Darkroom: Advanced Workshops - Printing ( 14TAP041 )

    This is a course for more advanced photographic printers, although processing film to a high quality and using alternative developers for different effects will be covered. You will learn how to print on fibre based paper to make exhibition prints using different developers and papers. Toning, pre-flashing, split grading, lith printing and other more specialist techniques will be covered and there will be plenty of time to practice what you have learned. You need to be able to print a basic enlargement (knowledge equivalent to our Darkroom Skills course is appropriate) but, by the end of the course, you will be able to make an exhibition quality print.

    Direct enrolment
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    14TAP041-01 Chelsea Centre 21 Apr 15 5 Tue 18:00-21:00 B Tanner
  • Pinhole Photography ( 14TAP013 )

    This short course is about making photographic images without the use of lenses. The look you get from this type of image is unique, there is a softness in the focus but, at the same time, an extraordinary depth of field. You will learn how to construct a pinhole camera using basic improvised materials or make a pinhole camera from pre cut MDF. The use of pinholes on digital cameras will be included as well. You will also get the chance to process and print the images you make in our darkroom. This course has been scheduled to coincide with Worldwide Pinhole Day (27th April 2014) and is a related event. The first part of the course is about shooting and takes place before the Easter break, Worldwide Pinhole Day is during the college Easter break, therefore the two dates after will be concerned with post production, printing, scanning and uploading your images to the official gallery site.

    Direct enrolment
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    14TAP013-01 Chelsea Centre 25 Apr 15 4 Sat 10:00-13:00 E Ross
  • Lighting for Portraiture ( 14TAP039 )

    Portraiture and photographing people has been central to photography from the beginning. This course looks at ideas around shooting people both on location (environmental portraits) and in the studio with a brief look at studio lighting techniques. You will learn about posing, setting up lights, using available light and hand held as well as studio flash.

    Direct enrolment
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    14TAP039-02 Chelsea Centre 22 Apr 15 5 Wed 18:00-21:00 B Tanner
  • Alternative Darkroom Processes: Cyanotypes ( 14TAP101 )

    The Cyanotype process was developed in 1842 by the scientist John Herschel & one of the first people to use the cyanotype process was Anna Atkins, photographically illustrating her book ''British Algae: in Cyanotype impressions'' 1843 with Cyanotypes. Step by step guidance will be given on mixing the chemicals & coating techniques firstly on to watercolour paper & then on to fabric. Once the coated paper & fabric are completely dry they can then be exposed to a UV light source either sunlight or by using a UV lightbox to produce a chemical reaction which is fixed & washed in running water. Use objects to make cyanotype photograms or produce digital negatives to create ‘original’ prints on paper as well as design your own chair & cushion covers!This course would be suitable for anyone as no previous darkroom experience is required. You will be encouraged to experiment first using objects to create cyanotype photograms, where objects can be placed directly on top of coated cyanotype paper. Digital imagery can also be used & instruction will be given on how to make digital negatives which could be used to contact print onto paper & fabric which has been coated with cyanotype chemicals.

    Direct enrolment
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    14TAP101-01 Chelsea Centre 30 Apr 15 3 Thu 18:00-21:00 E Ross
  • Basic Digital Photography Skills ( 14TAP017 )

    Learn the basics of using a DSLR camera and get to understand the menus, exposure modes, and accessories. Taught in our well-equipped photography studio and on location, our Digital SLR photography course for beginners will put you in control of your equipment and open up new horizons for you. The aim is to get you comfortably photographing a variety of situations and scenarios, and all without relying on the ‘auto’ mode! The course tutor will set weekly projects for you to develop skills learned in practice sessions and workshops. Students will present their weekly photos to the class and gain valuable critical feedback. Students will need to own their own DSLR camera allowing access to manual controls.

    Direct enrolment
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    14TAP017-03 Chelsea Centre 22 Apr 15 5 Wed 18:00-21:00 S Mepsted
  • Creative Digital Photography Skills ( 14TAP019 )

    If you have completed our Basic Digital Photography Skills course, or feel you have already picked up a good working knowledge of digital cameras on your own, then this course is for you. Taught in our well-equipped photography studio and on location, this course is the perfect progression from our Basic Course and focuses on developing the ability to take good pictures while beginning to think like a photographer, you will shoot mini-assignments between classes and study the work of the great photographers. Sharing your pictures with classmates will stimulate discussion and help to build your confidence to take your photos to the next level. Students will need to own their own DSLR camera that allows them access to manual controls.

    Direct enrolment
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    14TAP019-02 Chelsea Centre 23 Feb 15 5 Mon 18:00-21:00 S Mepsted
    14TAP019-03 Chelsea Centre 03 Jun 15 5 Wed 18:00-21:00 S Mepsted
  • Landscape And Environmental Photography In Greece ( 14TAP012 )

    This is a unique course run on the Greek island of Syros in the Cyclades group. It combines landscape and environmental photography with the chance of a full time week of photographic projects with others who have a passion for photography. The course includes, but is not limited to, camera skills, location and editorial photography techniques, story telling, using flash on location and, for the first time this year, underwater photography. It is open to both basic and advanced students as the structure of the course allows for individual sessions at different levels. It is suitable for both digital and film photographers and a medium format film camera (together with a tripod) will be available for students. Pricing is based on the type of accommodation you book (we have single rooms, twin and double rooms available) and a special reduced price for partners not taking part in the course itself. Transfers from arrival points on the island are included, but travel to the island is extra. Please download the PDF file for full details. Syros Photography Course (pdf 276KB)

    Direct enrolment
    Code Location Start Weeks Times Lecturer.
    14TAP012-01 Chelsea Centre 27 Apr 15 1 Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00 B Tanner & N Sianni

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