Adidas Sign Music Student For Advert

Adidas Sign Kayvon Razavi

A former Kensington and Chelsea College music student got his career off to a flying start after Adidas snapped him up to produce a soundtrack for an international advertising campaign.

Kayvon Razavi, who studied Digital Musician Level 3 at the college’s Wornington Centre in Wornington Road, was among a handful of music producers exclusively invited to pitch for the contract, which he eventually went on to win.

The talented 22-year-old was provided a strict brief by the sportswear giant, tasking him with producing ‘something youthful, with attitude, a strutting pace and rhythm’ to accompany their advert.

Kayvon, from Fulham said: ‘Adidas explained the concept of the advert and gave me the video so I could match the soundtrack to it. It took me a few sessions in the recording studio to perfect my idea, although I knew fairly immediately how I wanted it to sound. I had to ensure my soundtrack matched their brief exactly as they would never settle for anything less. When I found out I had got the contract I felt quite numb – I don’t think it sank in until I saw the final advert with my music on it. I felt really proud at that point.’

The advert carrying Kayvon’s soundtrack was aired online, on TV and radio as part of a four week advertising campaign ran by Adidas in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Canada.

Speaking about his college course Kayvon said: ‘It gave me a real insight in to performing, production and the importance of organisation. The tutors are also fantastic and very well connected to the music industry. I learnt a lot from them as they always have tips and advice to share whilst encouraging you to be individual in your music.’

Kayvon’s love of music developed at a young age whilst playing computer games. He said: ‘I’d notice soundtracks to games and would start thinking of ways to put the different sounds together. As I grew up I became more aware of the sounds around me and realised I wanted to go into music production. Ihave dedicated myself to it ever since’

Since his success Kayvon, who is also known as recording artist Scyfa, has been asked to produce a soundtrack pitch for Blackberry and Audi. He added: ‘I really enjoy producing advert soundtracks as it’s a way to generate income whilst developing myself as an artist and producer. My ultimate goal is to change the music scene and bring something different to it.’

Bobby Demers, Course Director for the Digital Musician course at Kensington and Chelsea College said: ‘Kayvon has shown what can happen when you focus on applying the concepts and skills you learnt in class to your productions. The techniques and professional approach to creating music he absorbed from doing the Digital Musician course at KCC have really helped to further his career.’

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