Arts Council to Fund Thousands of Apprenticeships

The V&A Museum

Arts Council England is providing funding of up to £15million to enable the creation of more than 4000 apprenticeship opportunities in the creative and cultural sector, in which Kensington and Chelsea College is already operating.

The apprenticeships will be created under Arts Council England’s Creative Employment Programme, in conjunction with The National Skills Academy Creative and Cultural, and will be targeted towards 16 to 24 year olds.

Kensington and Chelsea College this week welcomed the national initiative, which reinforces the great work already taking place between the college and many iconic London theatres, museums and art galleries who have signed up to its apprenticeship programme.

Matt Wojtyniak, Manager for KCC Works – the arm of the college working with employers to deliver apprenticeships, said: ‘Arts Council England’s commitment to Creative and Cultural Apprenticeships is a resounding endorsement of the value apprenticeships can bring to an organisation. Apprentices not only breathe new life into a business, but also generate new ideas and can be moulded into the ideal employee.’

In the last year the college has been working with organisations in the creative and cultural sector including The V&A, The Science Museum, The Royal Opera House, Hampton Court Palace and The Tower of London, to identify job roles and skills gaps in their business which can be filled by apprentices.

For an employer there are significant training and financial benefits to be gained from taking on an apprentice. Apprentices can be more cost effective to a business as they are often less expensive to hire than skilled staff, and tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them, which helps reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs. Apprentices are also trained on the job to develop specialist skills tailored towards specific business needs, giving organisations a greater competitive edge.

Pat McCann, Apprenticeship Manager for The V&A Museum who is partnered with the college, said: ‘As an employer, one of the easiest things you can do to boost the skills set of employees and increase the productivity of your organisation is to invest in training your staff through an Apprenticeship Programme. Our apprentices have contributed to the business in a positive way and are full of ideas. Apprentices can often transform, for the better, the culture and workforce in an organisation.’

Kensington and Chelsea College is now offering businesses, with less than 1000 employees, a £1500 government backed grant for each apprentice they take on aged 16-24, for up to ten apprentices. The grant is only available to businesses that haven’t taken on an apprentice in the last 12 months. For more information on this and Kensington and Chelsea College’s work with local businesses and apprenticeships please visit or contact KCC works on: 0207 573 5322.