Ceramics Student auditions for BBC’s The Great Pottery Throw Down

When Kensington and Chelsea College was approached for possible candidates to audition for their new programme ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’, Lisa Marklew, Director of the Creative Industries and The Arts, had no hesitation in putting forward Geordie Groenhuysen.

Geordie is a now a professional installation artist who first studied ceramics at Kensington and Chelsea College in 2004 and still regularly attends workshops to practice his skills and develop new ones. He is currently attending an Advanced Ceramics workshop to perfect his throwing skills, and is also studying printmaking with Sue Andre at our Chelsea Centre.

Geordie said his experience of auditioning for the programme was gruelling and pressurized, and although he went through to the final selection stage, he wasn’t picked as one of the contestants to appear on the show.

Geordie said,
‘Initially I had to do an online application, then a phone interview, and then I was called in to an interview with the presenters and asked to bring two of my favourite pottery pieces.’

‘I got through this round and then had to be filmed while being interviewed about my work to see how I came across on camera. After this I was called back again to film a practical audition where they fired questions at you while you were making pottery and the pressure of all that was really quite scary.’

‘When I did finally hear that I was not successful in making it onto the show, I thought it was probably because I didn’t quite complete the last task. I recognised that my throwing skills needed perfecting, my work is more sculptural.’

‘I was rather relieved I wasn’t picked, I kind of wanted it, I realised that if I’d got in I’d go through with it but it’s a lot of pressure and they follow you around filming your personal life.’

Lisa Marklew said, ‘Geordie is a great ambassador for the College and he did extremely well to make it to the final stages of selection. The show has created a new interest in ceramics and pottery and we are seeing an increase in enrolments on our workshops’.

If you’re interested in giving pottery a go, enrol now on a pottery workshop starting in January.