David Bevan Exhibition

David Bevan Exhibition

Hospital Exhibition Marks A New Career For Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist proved he had more than just healing hands after enrolling on a photography course at Kensington and Chelsea College.

Student David Bevan’s handiwork with the camera has led to his photographs being debuted at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

David, from Ealing, has been passionate about photography since a young age but landed a career as a physiotherapist after pursuing a more academic route at university.

Determined to nurture his hobby the 27-year-old enrolled on to the Level 3 BTEC in Photography and hasn’t looked back since.

The part-time evening course gave him the opportunity to boost his photographic skills whilst still working as a physiotherapist.

Using images captured on the course David recently secured a coveted spot exhibiting at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Public Art Gallery, in Fulham Road.

He said: ‘It was quite a stringent process seeking approval for the exhibition. The hospital is known for its high standards when choosing what to display in its gallery. I was incredibly pleased when I found out I’d been granted approval to exhibit as it’s a brilliant opportunity to showcase my work and build up my profile as an emerging photographer.’

The exhibition – titled ‘Time’- runs from July 18-31st and showcases 16 images themed around time and West London cityscapes. Exhibition visitors also have the opportunity to buy the exclusive images being displayed.

David discovered his love for photography after receiving a film based SLR camera at a young age. He said: ‘I was always using my camera as a child and probably cost my parents a small fortune when it came to developing all the film!’

‘As a result of the college course I’m now doing head shots and portrait shots for actors and actresses, as well as developing my interest in landscape photography.’

‘I particularly enjoyed the mini-projects we were set on the course as they got you out and about in London. Quite often with a camera you see things that you’d have otherwise missed. It forces you to look at things and take notice.’

Having found the confidence to follow his dream David is now hoping to carve out a career as a freelance photographer.

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