Deep Recording Studios Recent Success

Andy McBride - winner of the "Unsung Hero" Music Producers Guild award

The 2009 Music Producers Guild Awards were held on Wednesday night at Cafe de Paris in London. The ceremony, aimed at recognising the skill and talents of music recording professionals, attracted a host of stars and music industry VIPs.

Deep Recording Studio’s Andy McBride won the award for “Unsung Hero 2009” while Mark Rose was nominated for “Best Live Album of the Year” for his work with young indie rock band Nephu Huzzband on the album “Live in London”. Rose came a joint second with Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) after Girls Aloud’s album “Tangled Up” took the award.

Deep Recording Studios works in partnership with Kensington and Chelsea College, whose students gain a broad range of skills in music production including composing and arranging music, sound recording and sequencing. The college offers the students the opportunity to gain real music industry experience with an award winning recording studio.

Deep Recording Studios are also one of only two James Industry Approved centres in the UK. For Kensington and Chelsea College students, this is a huge advantage for entry into the music industry. Andy McBride’s award recognised his logistical and technical work with the studio along with the knowledge he has been able to pass on to countless Kensington and Chelsea College students. The ex-JAMES student points out “Being a JAMES accredited student really sets you up for this industry and the support and advice Deep give has made a tremendous difference to me.”

For Rose, the recent Music Producers Guild Awards recognise the importance of Deep Recording Studio’s professional approach. For Kensington and Chelsea College students, the chance to work with top industry professionals is an opportunity not to be missed.

Music Producers Guild Award
Mark Rose joint second for Best Album
Music Producers Guild Award 2009