Enterprising Students Kick-Start 2014

Enterprise Kick Starts

Colleges from across England gathered at Kensington and Chelsea College recently for the first Kickstart College Bootcamp of 2014. The event, organised by the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) brought together young entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders and students to kick-start enterprise societies at FE colleges.

Attendees packed out the West London College’s Chelsea Centre for the opportunity to network and discover more about building and growing an enterprise society. The day was filled with lively discussions and exciting ideas to form enterprise societies in Colleges throughout England.

The day started with a fun icebreaker in the form of the Gold Coin Challenge, which saw attendees challenging each other to either a vigorous thumb war or a tense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The triumphant winner was awarded a bounty of chocolate gold coins.

Throughout the day the three main challenges facing enterprise societies were discussed: marketing, managing money, and planning events. Guests also got stuck into a road mapping activity where they were required to plan out what their society will be doing for the rest of the academic term.

The successful day helped guests get their enterprising ideas and societies off the ground whilst identifying structured goals to work towards.