Fashion award for our Kacey


Our Level 1 fashion student Kacey Amoo walked off with a national award at a prestigious London arts event.

His work “wouldn’t look out of place in any contemporary fashion editorial” according to Matt Moseley, of the University of the Arts London.

Kacey’s work was selected for outstanding achievement at the university’s Origins exhibition at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.

UAL’s praise is particularly special given that Kacey is a Level 1 student with no previous training.

Mr Moseley added: “This was a fantastically well-developed experimental fashion piece that really showed the level attainable by Level 1 students who are challenged and supported to achieve.  

“What I liked about Kasey’s project was that he had not only produced great fashion outcomes, but had also realised some wonderful photographic images that wouldn’t look out of place in any contemporary fashion editorial.”

Kacey used his new-found skills gained during the UAL Level 1 fashion course at KCC to create a piece that could be styled and photographed. He worked hard on a simple ruffle technique and managed to create pieces that were unique and bold.  

Kacey will be staying at KCC and was thrilled to receive a place on the Level 3 Styling and Promotion course, which has continuing successful progression to top universities.