Partnership between KCC and HM YOI Feltham

Feltham Radio Station

Feltham Radio Station

Feltham was the first secure establishment in the UK to have its own dedicated FM Radio Station, commissioned some 25 years ago. The Radio Station was able to transmit to all units (21) via an induction loop on FM 99.9. Over the years the quality deteriorated until around 2005, it became apparent that the equipment was obsolete and no accreditations were being achieved.

Under the new OLASS Contract, in 2006, the Director of OLASS for Kensington and Chelsea College, Shanie Jamieson, approached the London West LSC, and was able to obtain funding for the refurbishment of the Radio Station into a state of the art Recording Studio. Funding at that time did not cover the Radio Station to broadcast, and with security issues it was decided to refurbish to the highest level that a recording studio could achieve.

The Radio Station project is an ideal example of putting into place all of the requirements for the refurbishment and then having inexperienced project management. That resulted in the Head of Education undertaking the last stages of managing the project.

Radio Feltham was opened for recording in May 2009 by Radio One and Sky TV DJ Tim Westwood with a number of representatives from London West LSC, trainees and Prison and KCC staff in attendance. It was a successful event with the trainees participating fully. The Recording Studio has proved an outstanding success with some 30 trainees achieving accreditations since opening.

A survey has recently been undertaken to gather estimates for returning the Radio Station to its former self. The transmitters are still in place and quotes received. Funding is now being sought for the required work to be undertaken (£9K). Radio Feltham can then take its place alongside Electric Radio Brixton which was recently awarded two Sony Academy Awards.