Feltmakers award

Clare Bennett won the ‘Innovation Prize’ at the Worshipful Feltmakers of London Awards at Haberdashers Hall on the 1st April.

“The winning piece was developed from my current Level 2 C&G project ‘Wearing the Woodland’ which was written by my lecturer Harvey Santos. ‘My inspiration came from the natural  world, particularly ferns. I completed the Level 1 Millinery with Sally Wright at KCC last year and she encouraged me to apply for the Award.

I was delighted to win, but even more excited when internationally-renowned milliner Noel Stewart (previously a Millinery teacher at KCC) chose to wear my hat at the event. You can see him wearing it on his Instagram feed.

I travel all the way from Norfolk on Monday and stay overnight in London, just so I can come to my L2 Millinery class at KCC on Tuesdays. There’s nowhere that I could study this exciting discipline nearer to home. 

I was drawn to Millinery as I wanted a vehicle for my embroidery skills that was 3-Dimensional. I considered sculpture originally, but Millinery was ‘wearable sculpture’, so even better. 

If this was in Norfolk…I’d be studying on the 3 day per week HNC course here next year but will continue with short courses in the meantime!

I’m excited as it’s the first time I’m showing at the Norfolk Open studios which took place last week of May- 1st week June.
(NNOS open studios 2016! No.28)’