Find Out More About The Higer Education Review

Find Out More About The Higer Education Review

Who are the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)?

The QAA are an independent body who work alongside Universities to safeguard the quality and standards of awards across the sector. To do this, they set out expectations and thresholds that all providers and awards are expected to meet – and Review is one of the main ways that they ensure this is happening. For more information about the QAA visit:

What is Higher Education Review?

Higher Education Review is the new process by which the Quality Assurance Agency ensures that UK higher education institutions meet national expectations for Academic Quality and Standards. It replaces the Institutional Review of higher education institutions in England and Northern Ireland (IRENI), which ran between 2011-12 and 2012-13, and the Institutional Audit which preceded that.

The Review has a core element and a thematic element. The core element focuses on:

  • The maintenance of academic standards
  • The provision of learning opportunities
  • The provision of information
  • The enhancement of the quality of students’ learning opportunities

The thematic element focuses on an area which is regarded as particularly worthy of further analysis or enhancement. For reviews taking place in years 2013-14 and 2014-15 the two themes are:

  • Student Involvement in Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • Student Employability

Providers undergoing reviews in 2013-15 will be required to explore one of these themes. The College has decided to pursue the Student Employability Theme for its Higher Education Review.

What is the purpose of the Higher Education Review?

It aims to inform students about our success in meeting national expectations for: the setting and/or maintenance of academic standards, the provision of learning opportunities, the provision of information, and the enhancement of the quality of students’ learning opportunities.

The review culminates in the publication of a report containing the judgements and other findings. The provider is obliged to produce an action plan in consultation with students, describing how it intends to respond to those findings.

When did the College have its last review?

The College was last reviewed in September 2010. The full report is available to download via the QAA website.

When will the next review take place?

March 2015