Press Release: Statement on the Future of the Kensington Building

Contrary to unsubstantial claims circulating in North Kensington about a “ruthless land grab” threatening the future of education on Wornington Road, a Council spokesman said:

“The reality is that the College has a guaranteed space on Wornington Road for as long as it wants one and so it can continue to serve the adult education needs of North Kensington.

“The site was actually bought by the Council last year as part of plans to continue improving the health and life opportunities of our residents in some of London’s most deprived wards.

“The College site will not only retain a strong element of community and educational use, it will also be able to provide new housing, including much needed affordable homes for local people, as well as new rental income for the Council to protect its vital frontline services.  And the college itself has a guaranteed space on the site for as long as it decides to have one, in the current building, and then in the wonderful new development that will emerge at the end of the regeneration process.  We are even helping it to find a suitable temporary location while the building work is underway.

“Far from being the victim of a ‘land grab’ the College was a full partner in the £25m deal.  Indeed, the Chief Executive and Principal of the College, Michele Sutton has described the project as:

‘the opportunity we needed to continue meeting the needs of students and employers from North Kensington and beyond.  It will allow the College to operate from facilities specifically designed to meet the challenges of 21st century learning; something that would otherwise have been impossible, given the financial conditions further education colleges are operating in.’