Up To £15,000 For Taking On Apprentices


Kensington and Chelsea College to offer SMEs government backed grants of up to £15,000 for taking on apprentices

Small to medium businesses can now claim a government backed grant of up to £15,000 when they take on apprentices through Kensington and Chelsea College.

The west London based college has been delivering apprenticeship programmes across the capital, and successfully matching apprentices to employers looking to fill skills gaps and vacancies within their organisation.

Now, thanks to the government backed grant, the college is able to offer businesses with less than 1000 employees, £1500 for each apprentice they take on, aged 16-24, for up to 10 apprentices. The grant is only available to businesses that haven’t taken on an apprentice in the last 12 months

For an employer there are significant training and financial benefits to be gained from taking on an apprentice. Apprentices can be more cost effective to a business, and tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them, which helps reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs. Apprentices are also trained on the job to develop specialist skills tailored towards specific business needs, giving organisations a greater competitive edge.

The college is urging businesses eligible for the grant to get in touch with its KCC Works Team – the arm of the college working with employers to deliver apprenticeships. The team can be contacted on 0207 573 5322

Sarah Walsh, an Administrator at Whitechapel Gallery, says of hiring an Apprentice through Kensington and Chelsea College:

Apprentices have been less expensive to recruit and train than more experienced workers hired on the external labour market as you save on induction and further training costs.

Kensington and Chelsea College has given the Gallery an opportunity we would not have been able to commit to had it not been for the 100% funded training provided by the College. It has allowed us to enter into a partnership that aims to develop and support both business and apprentice.

I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship programme to other organisations as giving people opportunities to learn on the job whilst offering them tailored training suits both business and individual.