Happiness Short-listed for Student Prize


Happiness comes from a large Nigerian family of 14 children. Because she was in the middle of her family, and a girl, she was not considered suitable for childhood education beyond the age of 13. She arrived in the UK several years ago to work as a nanny, as she has a natural gift with children, and eventually decided to try and gain a formal qualification. She began with a GCSE in English and a computer course, and then 2 years ago arrived at KCC to study for the Diploma in Child Care and Education.

Despite English being her second language and needing to work long hours outside college to pay for rent and food, she remains cheerful and highly motivated. She rarely misses a college class or her additional learning support. Her academic work is of a high standard and she takes any feedback with grace and thanks.

In the classroom she is quiet and gentle but will go out of her way to help others. At our recent OFSTED inspection she volunteered to speak to the inspectors and travelled across London especially to speak to them despite being shy she also agreed to appear in the introductory video shown by the Principal. Her placements – including staff, parents and children all love her, she has been offered a job in almost every one.

Happiness has had a hard start to life and continues to struggle to manage financially. She has managed to achieve an education despite this. She is a pleasure to teach and to be around, with children she is a natural …and she is always smiling!

We all wish her the best of luck and hope that she carries off the top prize of ?300 and a years free subscription to Nursery World magazine