Historic Royal Palaces Pre-Apprenticeship Workshop

We invited a selection of apprentice to come along for our pre-apprenticeship workshop. This involved a week of activity to prep them for their invite with the Historic Royal Palaces. They received training in cv writing, interview preparation with key members from Goldman Sachs and also ways to boost their online social media platform ready for employment.

The initiative is part of the government’s wider aim to ensure the future workforce possesses the skills that employers want in their apprentices and employees. The UK government is sticking to plans for a levy on employers to help fund apprenticeships, ignoring business groups’ calls for the charge to be delayed because of the economic uncertainty sparked by the Brexit vote.  Apprentices in fields including arts, media and publishing are likely to outperform their graduate counterparts by up to 270%, according to a new report. The research, carried out by Barclays and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), comes days after a study suggested more than a third of graduates regret going to university because of the burden of debt they face after graduation.

Matthew Hancock, Skills Minster said:

We want to support everyone in our country to reach their personal best. To do that, we are introducing traineeships to help young people with the skills they need to get a job, and hold down a job.

John Cornish MD Sales and Marketing, DHL Express UK & Ireland said:

Apprenticeships ensure we have the practical skills and qualifications DHL needs now and in the future.

 When asked about their experiences doing a pre-apprenticeship see below some of the comments:

Describe an apprenticeship in 3 words?

‘Engaging and enjoyable experience’

‘knowledgeable, enjoyable and fun’

What does an apprenticeship mean to you?

working while learning, great opportunity’

‘additionally option for later life’

What inspired you to go for an apprenticeship?

‘money’ ‘exploring options’
‘enjoyable experience’