HNC Fine Art Show 2010

Not Just A Blank Canvas Exhibition

Unique Student Exhibition Showcases Canvas Of Creativity

A unique student exhibition entitled ‘Not Just A Blank Canvas’ lived up to its name as it debuted a stunning collection of art in front of celebrity at Kensington and Chelsea College.

The exhibition opened to a 400 strong audience at the Hortensia Gallery based in the Hortensia Road campus, and brought together a selection of work produced by the college’s HNC Fine Art students.

Ronan and Sonique

Among those attending the prestigious private viewing, which kicked-off the three-week exhibition, was award winning British singer and celebrity DJ, Sonique.

Showing her support for student artists and friend Ronan Salaun who is exhibiting his work, Sonique said: ‘I wanted to be here to support the artists and think there’s a strong connection between art and music. Both are an expression of oneself. When you look at a canvas you can see what the artist has gone through. I can understand why there is such a lovely gathering of people at the exhibition because it’s about student artists pouring their heart out on the canvas not to make money but because they’re passionate about it.’