Inside Art

Inside Art Exhibition

A project between Kensington and Chelsea College, The National Gallery and Feltham Young Offenders Institution has led to special public exhibition.

‘Inside Art’ is a four-year visual arts project led by the National Gallery that has encouraged young men detained at Feltham to produce a collection of art. It is supported by Kensington and Chelsea College who also deliver a series of educational programmes to young men detained at the site.

College tutors teamed up with freelance artists working for the National Gallery to deliver ‘Inside Art’ at the institution. The project is in its first year and has already produced a collection of 55 works by men aged 18-21. A range of art techniques have been explored in the exhibition including print, sculpture and gilding.

Funded by The LankellyChase Foundation, ‘Inside Art’ is the first project of its kind to take place at Feltham’s Art Academy.

The Art Academy provides detainees with access to a wide range of creative and performing arts courses delivered by Kensington and Chelsea College, and is part of the Prison Service’s approach to reducing reoffending, developing personal and social skills and helping young people to re-integrate with society through education.

Ray Smith, Kensington and Chelsea College’s Offender Learning Manager, based at Feltham, said: ‘The project has been a real success. It has helped young men at Feltham develop skills and interests that have the potential to help them turn round their life.’

The ‘Inside Art’ collection is on public display at the National Gallery until April 25. Opening times: Daily 10am-6pm and Friday until 9pm.