Learning never stops for jewellery creator Tammy Murray

Tammy Murray's Jewellery

Tammy Murray says she has always been a bit of a butterfly, fluttering in different directions for most of her life. “That’s what makes life enjoyable and challenging,” she says. Now she creates them.

Tammy started out at Kensington and Chelsea College studying fashion design and pattern cutting 10 years ago and returned in 2005 to study mosaics.

From there Tammy enrolled on a BTEC ceramics course, exhibiting some of her art at a KCC exhibition in 2007. Today she is still at KCC doing a part-time glass workshop.

“I’ve always loved working with glass. I liked the college environment and the atmosphere and I found the tutors to be excellent. It seemed natural to come back and embark on a new learning journey.”

Each and every course has moulded her style into what it is today.

Tammy Murray's Jewellery

“My work is a fusion of my past learning experiences. It creates a diverse mixed media approach to my work, hopefully making it more unique,” says Tammy.

Now Tammy sells her jewellery from home and supplies a business in the Cape Verde Islands.

“Friends bought pieces first, and then their friends and family. Now it has snowballed. I’ve also entered a piece into the 2009 V & A ‘Inspired By’ competition.”