Joao Amaral – Images from London Commuting With a Matchbox Pinhole

Poster for Images from London Commuting With a Matchbox Pinhole by Joao Amaral

After volunteering at the not-for-profit photographic school Zoom-In, Joao Amaral decided it was time to extend his photographic knowledge. He enrolled at Kensington and Chelsea College taking two Level 3 courses – Experimental Photography and Digital Photography.

With the supervision of experienced and supportive tutors, Joao was able to learn a new set of photographic techniques, and in doing so, become more confident in his own abilities as a photographer. The balance between hands-on tutoring and personal, creative freedom allowed Joao to expand on his own personal photography style. The opportunity to study in the evening was also beneficial – “I was only able to attend the course because of it being held in the evening. No-one else in London offers this quality for courses in the evening. I’m very happy that it goes towards a national accredited certification.”

In addition to developing his photographic skills, Joao was able to learn about the professional photography industry in London. With his new knowledge behind him, he found he was able to seek out professional opportunities more easily.

With a new level of confidence and industry savvy, Joao is exhibiting his work in South London.

His photographs – Images from London Commuting With a Matchbox Pinhole will be available to view at Ritzy Picturehouse, Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, London SW2 1JG, until 4th October.