KCC + Apprenticeship week = New Job Prospects

As part of National Apprenticeship week, Kensington and Chelsea College will have soon live vacancies. After a slight drop, apprenticeships are enjoying a huge role in developing the workforce of the future. This week will see five days of supporting apprenticeships and addressing how it can impact young people, businesses and the economy.  

The National Apprenticeship Service provides a good support system to employers offering free, expert advice and support to those looking to recruit apprentices for the first time, or grow their existing apprenticeship offering.

Numerous well-known people have started as apprentices. After leaving school, Gordon Ramsey began in a catering apprenticeship in various London restaurants. He has now appeared in numerous television shows and his net worth is over £150 million. Another example is Alexander McQueen who also began his prosperous career as an apprentice in a traditional row tailor. The experience he gained during his time as an apprentice enabled him to start off his own fashion brand.

At the college we have create and built a strong support networking to support all our student in the search for work. As a result one our student has been able to secure an apprenticeship with Warner Bros. helping them of all the visual activities such as the movie posters.

For information on our live vacancies