Ken Livingstone visits KCC

Ken Livingstone visits KCC

London 2012 Mayoral Candidate Ken Livingstone Gets a Grilling From Students

Kensington and Chelsea College students were given an exclusive opportunity to quiz London’s 2012 Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone on the issues that matter to them.

Budding lawyers, politicians and journalists were among the enthusiastic audience who spent an hour grilling Mr Livingstone on Policing and Community Safety, Transport, Health, Education and Sports.

Endorsing the work of the college Mr Livingstone said: ‘My visit to Kensington and Chelsea College was one of the highlights of the day. It was excellent to see and hear the work of so many talented students on my tour of the college and listen to their ideas for London during our Q&A session. From education to transport and policing the discussion was well attended, lively and informed.’

Chairing the event was college Student Council member Alex Rea, who opened the Q&A session with a question on community safety. Students also asked about police stop and search practices, how to improve relationships between the police and young people and safeguarding Londoners from future riots.

Having pledged a 7% reduction in fares if elected as Mayor, transport remained the hottest topic of the day for Mr Livingstone with students asking several questions on congestion charging, cycle schemes and travel fares.

When asked about improvements made to public transport under the current Mayor, Boris Johnson, Mr Livingstone quipped: ‘Please don’t give Boris the credit for all my hard work. He had the good fortune to start all the schemes I initiated, yet hasn’t invited me to any of the openings!’

College Principal, Mike Jutsum, said: ‘Our students made the most of their opportunity to press Ken Livingstone on the issues that matter to them. There were some great questions being asked. As a college we place great value on giving our students a voice and ensuring what they have to say is heard by the right people. The Q&A session is a good example of our commitment to that.’

Following the Q&A session Mr Livingstone was taken on a tour of the college’s Wornington Centre during which he attended a student music performance and design workshop.

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