KCC Students Come Top In The UK For Exam Success

KCC West London Campus

Kensington and Chelsea College’s language students topped the score boards this year after bagging the highest marks in the country for their GCSE exams.

Three GCSE Italian and three GCSE Higher Spanish students – Yaourou Konate, Julia Childs, Lioubov Langer, Nicholas Hugh Pattison, Constance Cazals and Margaret Ann Pringle, made it on to the list of high achievers after earning A* and 100% in their exams.

Edexcel the UK’s largest qualifications awarding body- announced the success of the talented six in a congratulatory letter to the college, praising the students on their “Outstanding performance”.

A spokesman for Edexcel said: “It is fair to say that these candidates did exceptionally well.”

More than 16000 GCSE Higher Spanish students and 2500 GCSE Italian students, from across the county, sat their exams this summer.

The high-flying six from Kensington and Chelsea College were among only a small percentage of students who earned the highest available marks.

Julia Childs, from Fulham West London, was awarded an A* for GCSE Higher Spanish. She attended the college one-day a week to complete the course.

The thrilled mum-of-two said: “I thought I would do okay when I sat the exam but certainly wasn’t expecting an A*. I was so excited when I found out. I had to juggle the course with other commitments but as with anything you put your mind to you find a way to make it work. “The course at the college was perfect for me as it was well structured and I was surrounded by like-minded people. “I took up Spanish to build my confidence in speaking the language. My parents have a place in Spain which I regularly go back to and I wanted to be able to communicate fluently with the locals whenever I was there. “I feel much more confident now and have even been complimented on my use of Spanish!”

Mike Jutsum, Principal Kensington and Chelsea College, said: “Our students have done incredibly well and are testament to what can be achieved with the right attitude, a commitment to succeed and the guidance of great teachers.”