Luminance: The Photography Exhibition

tumblr_o8q2zq9CpR1vvxky7o1_1280The Luminance exhibition was a task for our students to explore different themes of photography and exploit it in their own way. 

During the Luminance exhibition, the students were given time to plan out what they were going to do with their photography, whether it would be of them or of a theme based on their final year assignment. This challenged many of our students due to the fact that it forced them to take the risk of exploiting a different theme to what they were normally used to.

Later after the exhibition was held, we asked a few students some questions about the college and the exhibition. These questions also included topics about what inspired them to explore the themes that they used. The students described KCC to be “organised, supportive and friendly”. The next student intended to “show the audience their world through their photography” in three small projects. Each student had their own type of photography style and one of them was seen to be quite “elegant and delicate, going from portraiture to fine art”. This was a very skill full student who performed exquisitely in the exhibition. The inspiration to most work presented in the exhibition was from Diane Arbus. She was chose due to “the way she connects with people”. 

To conclude, thanks for attending our private exhibition, if you are interested in our photography course join now and exploit your photography potential.